Want to Expand? Optimize Your Online Grocery Store to Engage Customers


Multiply capabilities and functionality with an affordable grocery-centric solution

To meet and exceed your customer’s expectations, you should focus on enhancing your grocery’s online stores and customizing them to specific market requirements.

Fast Commerce Grocery, a custom solution built by OSF Digital on Salesforce Commerce Cloud, allows you to expand your digital capabilities and functionality at a lower cost, with a reduced time to market. This ecommerce solution offers grocery industry-specific customizations within Salesforce Commerce Cloud, including:

  • Extensive product categorization
  • Ability to sell products by weight, unit, and package
  • Daily promotions
  • Consumer purchase history per store
  • Shopping list creation
  • Packaging instructions
  • Multiple delivery options

Fast Commerce Grocery helps you deliver an exceptional online shopping experience for your customers. You can get support for inventories at each store location, offer multiple delivery and fulfillment options, and benefit from grocery-specific product configurations, among other unique features.

OSF Digital has a deep understanding of pain points, challenges, and objectives in the supermarket retail industry and delivers some of the most extensive commerce projects, helping manage multiple brands within a single site. Our solutions can improve customer service, delivery process, customer satisfaction while providing a positive and personalized customer experience with a full range of payment options.

With more than a decade of experience delivering business strategies and specific commerce solutions across different industries and markets, OSF Digital possesses a deep understanding of the grocery sector's unique requirements.

Contact OSF Digital’s team of experts  to learn how we can help accelerate your online grocery sales growth.

Simion Petrov

Author: Simion Petrov, SVP of Innovation and Industries

Simion began his career at OSF in 2007 when he entered the internship program as a software developer and quickly ascended within the company holding roles as a team leader and project manager. From 2013 to 2018, Simion established and optimized the company's commerce division, growing the group to over 400 people who delivered over 200 projects, making OSF Digital one of Salesforce’s top ecommerce partners. He has created new local structures designed to support the company's rapid growth in APAC and LATAM while at the same time, worked on innovation of the company's processes, best practices, and products including the creation of the OSF Product Labs program.