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Expect a frictionless data integration with Salesforce Data Cloud, which collects and unifies data in milliseconds, allowing brands to act instantly. Whether you are a small business or a large enterprise, this ‘Holy Grail of CRM’ enables data-driven teams to build meaningful relationships across sales, service, marketing, and commerce to adapt the experience to whatever is going on in your customer’s world.


Our Data Cloud Services

Data Cloud Consulting

With 2,600 Salesforce certifications and recognized by Salesforce with the highest Partner Navigator ranking in four major commerce categories, we have deep Salesforce expertise to help you develop a data cloud strategy to increase customer engagement. We’ll identify your business challenges, audit your technology ecosystem, and identify relevant customer data that should be leveraged. We’ll advise on the most efficient way to implement Salesforce Data Cloud and integrate it with your commerce platform. Our team can also help with change management to ensure alignment across all functions relating to your customers.

Salesforce Data Cloud Implementation

As a trusted Salesforce partner, OSF Digital has the expertise and experience to help you quickly launch and operate your Salesforce Data Cloud. Our team of experts can help you establish data governance processes and quality control measures to maintain clean, accurate, and up-to-date data within Salesforce Data Cloud. We’ll start with a conversation about your current data landscape, data quality issues, and any pain points associated with your existing data management process. Based on that assessment, we’ll work with you to develop an implementation strategy to include goals, timelines, budgets, and key milestones to seamlessly integrate Salesforce Data Cloud into your business operations.

Data Cloud Migration/Integration

Data migration is a critical aspect of replatforming. Our team can assist in planning and executing a data migration strategy, ensuring that all existing data is accurately and securely transferred to the new platform. This might include data cleansing, transformation, and mapping to Salesforce Data Cloud’s data model. We know you’ll have systems and applications to consider—we can also help design and implement integration solutions, ensuring a seamless flow between Salesforce Data Cloud and other platforms and providing you with a unified view of customer information.

Salesforce Data Cloud Support

After the initial replatforming, our expert team can provide ongoing support and maintenance to address issues and implement updates to improve your Salesforce Data Cloud implementation continuously. We can regularly monitor your performance and usage of Salesforce Data Cloud and provide insights and recommendations for optimization, ensuring that the platform continues to meet the evolving needs of your business. This will better leverage the platform’s capabilities to improve customer relationship management, data quality, and overall operational efficiency.

Salesforce Data Cloud Training

We know change management is essential to gain user adoption. Our team can assist your business in creating a change management plan to minimize disruption and potential resistance to the new platform. Another way OSF Digital can help ensure user adoption and a smooth transition is to provide training for your team members, ensuring they are proficient in using Salesforce Data Cloud and all of its features. This training can range from basic navigation to advanced data analytics and reporting.

Salesforce Data Cloud Security and Compliance

Data security and compliance are paramount—we can help you reduce legal and financial risks. With the increasing focus on data privacy, businesses need to respect the rights of individuals regarding their personal data. The OSF Digital team can protect your customer’s data and help your organization comply with relevant data protection regulations. We can also ensure your security and compliance practices are well documented and meet industry-specific and regional regulations. For companies operating globally, ensuring data security and compliance is essential to navigate a complex landscape of varying regulations in different countries.

Unlock the Capabilities

Of Salesforce Data Cloud

Scale with Out-of-the-Box Connectors

Generate secure and scalable data integrations with pre-built connectors to any system

Accelerate Application Delivery

Transform data automatically, test your APIs and integrations, and plug into pipelines with built-in support

Build Custom Marketplaces

Drive adoption of your APIs by creating robust API ecosystems with personalized portals for customers or partners

Run Data on Any Architecture or Environment

Deploy to virtually any environment

Create Unique Business Processes

Organize and protect your data by brand, division, and region

Connect & Unify Profiles

Personalize each interaction with a 360-degree view of your customers

Drive Efficiency & Save Time

Extend conversational AI-powered solutions for customers and employees

Segment in Real Time

Create, analyze, and find high-value audience segments in one easy interface

Visualize Data Insights

Analyze trends with Tableau for more intelligent decision-making

Use Your Own Lake

Share your data securely and bi-directionally with zero ETL

Act as a First-Party Advertiser

Extend audiences to trusted partners by enabling privacy-safe insights

Lasting Connections & Deep Expertise

OSF Digital is an award-winning, certified solution and support partner for leading enterprise, ecommerce, CRM, OMS, and CMS technologies. Our proven experience and expertise with all Salesforce Clouds allows us to implement your Salesforce Marketing Cloud solution quickly, adapt it to your needs, and provide you with any support you require to accommodate the future growth of your business.

See our CLIENT SUCCESS STORIES and VIDEO SUCCESS STORIES to learn more about the solutions we’ve implemented using these technologies.

Trusted Salesforce Partner

Trusted Salesforce Partner

Our strategic partnership with Salesforce began in 2010. With Salesforce Navigator Expert status, several Salesforce awards for multi-cloud innovation, and a proven playbook for Customer 360 success, OSF Digital guides enterprises through their entire digital transformation journey.

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