How Salesforce Service Cloud Voice & Amazon Connect Delivers Seamless Experiences

How Salesforce Service Cloud Voice & Amazon Connect Delivers Seamless Experiences

Contact center leaders are tasked with delivering the best customer service experience. But traditionally, their agents have had to rely on information from multiple, disparate sources to address customer needs, making it difficult to answer questions quickly or track customer histories. Contact centers must keep up as customers increasingly expect more connected, personalized experiences across company communications.

Voice is often disconnected from digital channels from a management and operational perspective and runs as its unique channel. For many businesses, this is needed as voice remains their primary engagement channel. Still, this can lead to fragmented customer experience, divergent messaging, operational inefficiencies, and costs for others.

“Voice needs to be brought into your customer experience seamlessly. Gone are the days when you could click to call a business and understand that the mobile app and phone lines were disconnected. Customers want you to know who they are when they call in as they've already told you who they are,” says Stephen Hurst, Solutions Engineer with OSF Digital.

In Salesforce’s State of Service, 5th Edition Report, 83% of customers said they expected to interact with someone immediately when they contact a company, and nearly as many wanted to solve complex problems by talking to one person. So, how can contact centers become efficient enough to handle call volumes, speed up call resolution, and leverage technology to deliver a unified customer service experience?

Introducing 3 Integrated Intelligence Solutions

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Service Cloud 360 is built on Salesforce, the World’s #1 CRM, and is the most complete platform for delivering customer service experiences. Connecting Customer Service with Sales, Marketing, and Commerce helps you deliver a proactive service wherever you interact with customers. By providing your team with built-in AI, automation, and a complete 360-degree view of every customer, Service Cloud 360 ensures a personalized experience every time.

Amazon Connect is an easy-to-use omnichannel cloud contact center that enables superior customer service at a lower cost. Designed with omnichannel capabilities in mind, Amazon Connect provides seamless voice and chat capabilities for customers and agents. This includes one set of tools for skills-based routing, task management, powerful real-time and historical analytics, and intuitive management functions. In minutes, you can set up a contact center that can scale to support millions of customers from the office or virtually.

Service Cloud Voice, pre-integrating Amazon Connect with Salesforce, is a contact center solution that enables a great phone experience for customers, no matter where your agents are. Merging telephony with Salesforce CRM delivers streamlined customer service, omnichannel manager visibility, and AI-driven insights for better phone-based customer service experiences.

In our previous blog, we discussed the six most powerful elements of the Contact Center of the Future. Today, customers use multiple channels to communicate with companies. They may start with a voice call, move to WhatsApp, and finish with email, and they expect a personalized experience across them all; this powerful combo offers numerous benefits.

5 Benefits of Service Cloud Voice and Amazon Connect for Your Business:

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1. Deliver True Omnichannel Service: All voice and digital communication channels are integrated in real-time in the Service Cloud Omnichannel solution. Service Cloud Voice enables agents to handle voice calls alongside other channels, such as email, chat, and social media, all within the Salesforce ecosystem. This integration ensures a seamless experience for agents and customers by maintaining context and continuity across interactions.

2. Increase Agent Productivity: Agents can quickly and intelligently handle calls, reducing average handle time, data entry, and call wrap-up time. By leveraging AI capabilities such as natural language processing and sentiment analysis, Service Cloud Voice gives agents real-time insights into customer sentiment, intent, and preferences during voice calls. This helps agents personalize interactions and address customer needs more effectively, improving satisfaction.

3. Automation and Workflows: Supervisors can view historical and current calls next to digital conversations in real-time for live routing and call assists. Agents can call for assistance on voice calls as they do today on digital channels. Service Cloud Voice automates repetitive tasks and streamlines workflows, allowing agents to focus on delivering exceptional service rather than mundane administrative tasks. Automated call routing, case creation, and follow-up actions ensure timely customer inquiries and issues resolution.

4. Effortless Transactions: Amazon prioritizes frictionless transactions by offering one-click purchasing, fast and reliable shipping options such as Amazon Prime, and secure payment methods. By reducing the effort required for customers to complete transactions, Amazon enhances the overall shopping experience and encourages repeat business.

5. AI-Powered Recommendations: Amazon's recommendation engine analyzes customer behavior and preferences to suggest relevant products, similar items, and complementary purchases. Whether through personalized product recommendations on the website or targeted ads on other platforms, Amazon uses AI to anticipate and fulfill customer needs, driving increased sales and customer satisfaction.

Why You’ll Get Better Performance

Integrating Salesforce Service Cloud Voice and Amazon Connect with Salesforce Service Cloud helps unify voice calls, digital channels, and CRM data in real-time for agents and supervisors, delivering a new kind of contact center.

  • Get instant access to Customer 360 data
    Giving your agents a full view of customer details enables more efficient call handling, enhancing productivity and the customer experience.

  • Deliver an omnichannel service console for agents and supervisors
    Routing phone calls through the service console lets agents handle all customer service interactions in one place and improves real-time supervisor visibility.

  • Pre-integrate cloud telephony from Amazon Connect
    Amazon Connect is natively integrated with the Service Cloud console, enabling voice interaction, contact flows, and call transcription.

  • Obtain in-call intelligence for improved experiences
    AWS AI/ML services provide real-time, automatic call transcription with sentiment analysis while giving agents AI-driven recommendations for knowledge articles and the next best actions to improve customer service experiences.

Salesforce Service Cloud Voice and Amazon deliver seamless experiences by leveraging technology, data, and automation to streamline processes, personalize interactions, and anticipate customer needs. Whether in customer service or e-commerce, both platforms prioritize convenience, efficiency, and customer-centricity to create memorable experiences that foster loyalty and drive business growth.

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