The amazing customer experiences you’ve been dreaming about are closer than ever


At OSF Digital, we’ve seen a dramatic shift in customer expectations during the pandemic. Even in a post-COVID/COVID-safe world, people still want to continue the digital conveniences that are helping us all get through this difficult time. On top of this, the end of cookies and increased privacy concerns have made first-party data critical for marketing efforts. This has forced many companies to rethink their customer relationship management (CRM) strategy.

We observe many retailers struggling to balance reduced staffing and the need for many more employees to work remotely with increased requests from customers to get instant resolutions for issues like returns, exchanges, and refunds. Across the many consumer goods, retail and manufacturing companies we partner with, we are working on areas of growth in buying processes, brand loyalty, and self-service support for customers. There is a universal desire for hyper-personalization of the customer journey across all touchpoints, including in-store and online channels. The solution in these cases—and many others—is Customer 360 from Salesforce.

As OSF Executive VP of North America Anna Petriv points out, “With the right partner and platform, you can overcome challenges and deliver the coveted hyper-personalization. The Salesforce platform takes the customer experience to a whole new level with Customer 360.” Customer 360 unites all your teams—marketing, sales, commerce, service, and IT—on one integrated platform with a single 360-degree view of the customer, helping you grow relationships with your customers and your employees.

Your teams can access the information they need to do their best work. This unified access increases collaboration and alignment among everyone, which leads to more connected, personalized experiences for your customers and helps you build stronger relationships with them. It also results in more satisfied employees, freed from repetitive or manual tasks to focus on doing their best and most rewarding work.

We understand that such solutions are not easy or straightforward — they require a roadmap and a journey. However, having the right partnership with an experienced organization like OSF Digital, the journey is navigable. We offer deep industry knowledge of the unique challenges to a successful digital transformation, and we know how much success can meet customer needs and grow business exponentially. The most remarkable thing about connecting business to digitization for Anna is the speed in opening up new channels.

“There’s an acceleration to reach customers,” Anna said. “Consumer goods companies are looking to open DTC channels quickly. Manufacturers are looking to open B2B channels quickly. So, we’ve developed industry accelerators that start the Customer 360 journey faster with less risk.”

How Customer 360 solves today’s challenges

OSF uses Customer 360 to create an integrated platform with a 360-degree view to foster better relationships with customers. The race to adapt to meet customers where they shop creates an opportunity to help our clients access tools to reach customers through social media and online marketplaces and organize them with a CRM. Anna noted, “You must rely on an experienced partner to show you how to build the platform out so you can meet your customers where they are and where they expect you to be.”

Consulting on strategy constitutes the first stage of our partnership with clients, and from there, we construct the business requirements for a digital transformation. Then we generate a Salesforce implementation and integration roadmap. Throughout the clients’ journey, we ensure they’re getting the most out of Customer 360, crafting multi-cloud solutions to meet industry challenges.

As more businesses shift to launching online stores and quickly, our industry accelerators can support a rapid digital transformation at an affordable rate. Our years of learning in the automotive, retail banking, and grocery industries, coupled with our record of over 10 years of implementations as a top-level partner and Navigator Expert with Salesforce, fuel our solutions to help businesses achieve their goals and minimize risks. With Customer 360 solutions, we help our clients reach their customers faster, open revenue channels faster, and leverage data in ways they never imagined.

“Businesses that put customers at the center of their business and meet the changing consumer behaviors will also reap the benefits, such as improved customer acquisition, increased average order value, better customer lifetime value, long-term loyalty, more operational efficiency and productivity, and so much more,” Anna said.

By keeping your team connected on a single, scalable platform, you’ll be able to make real improvements in every phase of your customer’s journey. Marketing becomes more personal with access to valuable customer data so you can engage with them across multiple channels with customized messages. Following up on sales leads becomes faster and easier with tools that help you manage information, automate processes, and gain insights from real-time analytics. Ecommerce becomes more effective as you unify data, personalize interactions, and grow revenue across every channel.

Here are some of the most common ways a Customer 360 approach helps our clients achieve their goals:

  • Customer 360 provides a customer-centric platform with unified data and visibility on all channels, so customers get hyper-personalization. This leads to long-term loyalty and higher customer acquisition, average order value, and customer lifetime value.
  • Customer 360 provides an integrated system, allowing for collaboration and innovation. As a result, internal teams will achieve more operational efficiency and higher productivity with streamlined, automated processes and better access to holistic customer data.
  • Customer 360 is flexible and scalable. We can map out a flexible framework to implement Customer 360 at a rate our clients are comfortable with, whether they want to go all-in right away or build it out more slowly.

What this means for our clients (and you)

Few would argue about the importance of effective CRM in today’s marketplace. Some companies see it as a challenge, as they struggle to keep up with customer expectations. But those companies using Customer 360 are discovering new opportunities in CRM, forming stronger relationships with their customers than ever before to drive revenue and growth.

Anna emphasizes that “according to Salesforce research, 76% of customers expect consistent interactions across departments. If a company doesn’t deliver, the customer will move on to a company that does. This requires data and a platform that can organize and disseminate data. Only the Customer 360 platform can do this.”

Salesforce and OSF Digital help companies be there for their customers at every interaction.

Becky Wright

Author: Becky Wright, VP Salesforce Alliance & Marketing

Becky’s background in corporate marketing, sales and leadership spans several industries including Media and Communications, Retail and Consumer Goods, Professional Services, Finance and Technology. With more than 15 years of worldwide experience in rapidly growing organizations, Becky plays a major role in integrating technologies and business processes to create demand engines that influence and convert growth. Becky’s passion for technology and B2B enterprise services inspire her to share unique perspectives on digital transformation strategies that deliver strong results and deep business intelligence.