How To Find The Right B2B Ecommerce Implementation Partner


Building the right B2B ecommerce solution and achieving ecommerce optimization in manufacturing is most easily and cost-effectively achieved with a specialized implementation partner who can configure solutions to meet your goals now and in the future.

As you search for a vendor who can move your organization to the next level in the B2B ecommerce maturity model, consider four criteria in the decision-making process.


With a lot of competitive noise in this market, this is the first and arguably simplest item to critically examine. What types of awards or industry recognition has the prospective vendor earned in integrating Salesforce Commerce Clouds? Has Salesforce itself certified their solutions? A second credibility factor is their overall count of certified Salesforce professionals on their team, and the length and depth of their global commerce experience. Finally, look for partners who have experience in personalizing within the specific sectors and global locations that are the focus of your manufacturing organization.

2-Proven multi-cloud expertise.

For integrations in commerce and ecommerce, this is paramount, as is the ability to connect online and offline experiences and providing a 360-degree customer view. A quick list of the boxes you’ll want a vendor to be able to check includes Einstein, Service, Marketing, Community, Commerce, Sales, Online Shop Management, mobile-first native apps, clienteling apps, POS and payments, OMS, and PIM. Conversely, if a vendor downplays the multi-cloud approach or dismisses the need for 360-degree customer views, they’ll limit your upside potential for future channel expansion—so tread carefully!

3-Deep experience.

Although the household names of the ecommerce implementation world talk about their ability to go broad, find an implementation partner that goes deep instead of broad. You’ll want a global partner experienced in understanding the complexities of rolling out new initiatives to meet revenue goals that will ultimately report up to shareholders. Deep experience translates into faster implementation times, so ask to look at the timelines of some of your potential partner’s recent projects. (Let’s face it, everyone claims to be fast, but can they back it up with data?) Along the same lines, you want an implementation provider who has unique Salesforce connectors to solve problems—in other words, direct integration without middleware. Above all, you want a vendor who specializes in the specific ecommerce territory that will help you the most.

4-Long-term partnership potential.

It’s common for vendors in this market to focus on getting you in the door with a one-time implementation—which may be cost-effective in the short run but painfully expensive over the long haul. Look for an implementation partner with a holistic approach: Even when implementing solutions in a strong economy, you need to future-proof your model to stay competitive and protected during lows as well as highs. The best kinds of partnerships will be available to support you during those volatile shifts in business. Value-add steps such as performing maintenance and promptly implementing upgrades for each new Salesforce release can ensure that your B2B ecommerce platform stays at peak performance over the long-term too.

Businesses can maximize their digital transformation and globalize data with a B2B ecommerce solution to make intelligent assessments in markets and target strategic growth. Businesses can accelerate channel performance through feature-rich distributor portals enabling improved service and faster growth. With the advanced analytics of an omnichannel B2B ecommerce solution, any business can better understand customers and future-proof their organization in the digital innovation age.

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Carlo Wolf

Author: Carlo Wolf, Regional VP, DACH

Carlo was one of successyou’s founders and served as the CEO of the company until it was acquired by OSF Digital in December 2019. He is now Regional Vice President for the DACH Region for OSF Digital. Carlo has worked for over 30 years in the IT industry, mostly in sales, leadership, and general management roles in large, global organizations as well as in start-ups. Throughout his career, he has been focused on customer relationships, customer success, and innovative technologies.