Work with Consumer Goods & Food Industry Experts

With vast experience in the consumer goods & food industry gathered from delivering complex ecommerce projects over the years, we help brands with their digital transformation journey and beyond. Not only do we deliver fast implementations and commerce integrations, we also constantly build innovative solutions for the consumer goods & food industry to help food, packaged goods, clothing, beverages, home décor, automobiles, and electronics manufacturers go to market quickly, and rapidly implement their ecommerce stores. We work with our clients to deliver the same store-like experience for their customers, making their shopping journey unique, easy, and pleasant.

Consumer Goods & Food brands that trust us



Bouclair is committed to delivering customer satisfaction, and this solution provides our support, sales and marketing teams with a solid platform to extend their activities. Having all our Salesforce Commerce, Service and Marketing Clouds communicate with each other helps us to better understand our consumers and provide them with richer shopping experiences. Fully leveraging OSF’s expertise in multi-cloud integration and knowledge of the most efficient use cases for the consumer goods & food industry helps us gain efficiency, save time, and use the data we’ve obtained from our customer base in a way that enhances their journey on our website.

PETER GOLDBERG President, Bouclair

We Know What Makes You Unique

Each business is unique and wants to deliver unique shopping experiences to its customers. We know what can make you stand out, and we’ll work with you on delivering customized features for your store:

  • Enhanced Product Descriptions
  • Enhanced Product Refinements
  • Multiple Forms of Product Presentation
  • Age Consent
  • Order Limitations
  • Taxes for Alcoholic Beverages
  • Store Locator
  • Pickup from Store or Curbside
  • Select Store at Checkout
  • Notifications for Customers for Pickup
  • Order Instructions
  • Rich Multi-level Menu
  • Minimum Order Value
  • Quantity Limitation
  • Social Sign-in
  • Responsive Templates
  • Shopping Cart and Checkout

Choose a Trusted Partner

When working with OSF Digital, you can only expect one thing for your consumer goods & food brand: success. We stay true to our motto—Inspired by Technology, Driven by Success—and for over 15 years, we have established ourselves as an expert in commerce technology. We are a Salesforce Platinum partner and have extensive experience with implementing Salesforce Commerce Cloud as well as delivering multi-cloud and omnichannel integrations, internationalization, and commerce optimization. We help consumer goods & food brands succeed against the challenges present in the world’s rapidly changing digital environment.

Solve your Consumer Goods & Food Needs Quick

A quick launch and rapid implementation of your online store at an affordable price is what every commerce and marketing professional seeking to enter the online channel wants. Start your digital transformation journey with our solutions tailored specifically to the needs of consumer goods & food brands with features that will help you deliver a unified omnichannel customer experience.



With OSF’s meticulous performance, we are now equipped with an ecommerce solution that helps us deliver an exceptional customer experience. We’re certain that our collaboration with OSF will result in a long-term relationship that will help us with our plans for international expansion.

Kai Yeung Director of Logistics & Business Solutions at Urban Barn

Enhance Your Consumer Goods Store

If you want to deliver the same customer experience on all your channels that delights your shoppers and increases their loyalty, what you need to add to your consumer goods & foods ecommerce store is an auto-replenishment option, great order customer service, and the possibility to buy gift cards for loved ones. These options are easy to enable on your Salesforce Commerce Cloud-based website with our commerce cloud cartridges.