OmniCommerce, developed by OSF Digital, is a collection of headless apps and features for Salesforce Commerce Cloud. By using OmniCommerce, you will be able to smoothly transition your online store to a headless commerce architecture. Enhance your storefront experience with a large suite of headless apps as unique as your business requirements to create engaging experiences to keep pace with the ever-rising consumer expectations.

Let us discuss if you meet any of these criteria:

Businesses wishing to transition to Composable Storefront that use Salesforce Commerce Cloud with SiteGenesis or SFRA

Businesses utilizing Salesforce Commerce Cloud compatible with Composable Storefront aiming to create innovative and captivating storefront experiences

Businesses that want a Headless Commerce Platform and test out various Headless scenarios on their ecommerce website

Better Conversion Ratio

Better Conversion Ratio

Deliver lightning-fast commerce expertise and keep your customers coming back for more. Create a consistent user experience for your customers across the entire buying process. Eliminate barriers to conversion that may arise during the buying process. Every millisecond gained in performance surpasses industry benchmarks and outpaces competition to gain a higher conversion ratio.

Higher Average Order Value

Higher Average Order Value

With freedom from back-end operations, you can experiment with user experience changes and implement them faster. OmniCommerce improves storefront performance and transforms your customer experience to gain higher customer engagement and increased average order value. Turn any customer touchpoint into a sales opportunity.

New Revenue Channels

New Revenue Channels

The cutting-edge tools and apps of our headless commerce platform lets you deliver a seamless omnichannel shopping experience across all channels and aid in targeting more segments of customers. Every content-rich experience and interaction can become transactional and create new revenue channels.

Delivery flexibility

Offload Operational Costs and Burdens

Say goodbye to infrastructure complexity and hosting fees with a fully managed front-end runtime (with 99.99% uptime). Spend less on the development and maintenance process with shorter build times, updates, and improved storefronts.

Go to Market Faster

Go to Market Faster

Leverage the Composable Storefront to create a modern, decoupled storefront using headless commerce principles, without the long lead time of traditional headless projects. Customer-facing tasks can be completed independently using headless, without needing to wait for backend tasks and vice versa. You can split copy from code and let each team work independently of the other, without having to wait for them to finish.

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OSF OmniCommerce

If you are looking to launch a fast mobile-optimized web experience across all screens or experiment with Headless scenarios, OmniCommerce is perfect for you. Benefit from fast time-to-market and open new revenue channels by leveraging our OmniCommerce with Salesforce Commerce Cloud platform’s enhanced features. You will also have access to apps and functionalities tailored to fit your unique business needs, from improving your website’s cart abandonment rate to providing a simplified checkout process–all at a lower price. Plus, you are not required to utilize all the offered apps and services. You can mix and match apps, based on your requirements and preferences.

Upgrade Your Storefront

With OmniCommerce Toolkit

Features for the Brand Site

page designer pwa kit

Page Designer for Composable Storefront

Continue building new experiences on Composable Storefront using Page Designer.

Page Designer Components Library

Page Designer Components Library

Get new experiences in front of end customers faster by using OSF’s Components Library, ready for Page Designer.

pwa startup kit icon

Composable Storefront Startup Kit

Accelerate the transition toward headless commerce by using OSF’s base building blocks which incorporate best practices and automate the setup of the needed environments.

Improve your shoppers’ experience

With all or any of the apps to choose from

Apps for customers:

Provide information about the closest stores, distances, and related events.

Improve your website’s cart abandonment rate and transform lost sales into new opportunities by reconnecting with shoppers who abandon their carts.

Give shoppers the ability to set up subscription orders to manage and update them on their terms.

Provide merchants with a simple, yet interactive way for their customers to find the right products online.

Enable interactive shoppable tags on photos and improve the engagement between the customer and the brand.

Enrich your content and deliver a personalized customer experience by allowing your content creators to use WordPress as a content management tool.

Online gift cards are a great way for merchants to offer their valued customers an alternative way to send gifts.

Create a loyalty program for your online store and strengthen your relationship with customers, through rewards and incentives.

Manage your video assets seamlessly and captivate shoppers by providing video content that converts.

Other features for customers

One cart, one checkout

The perfect solution for a single cart, available across multiple brands with a single checkout experience.

Shop by store

Buy online, pick up in store (BOPIS) experience, by allowing the ability to check item availability by searching through the store directory.

Checkout App

Provide a simple and unified checkout experience for your customers, who might discover your brand on social media, blog articles, or marketplaces. One-stop for all orders.

Pre-order mini site

Set up a "mini site" for pre-ordering a certain product (e.g., the next PlayStation or the next console game).


Provide the ability for users to create a list based on their favorite items/products.

Endless Aisle App

Digital experience app made available for your customers in the physical store, through which they can look for items out of inventory, initiate returns, and access custom promotions.