Accelerate Your Automotive Sales with High Octane Ecommerce


Is the answer to lagging automotive sales as easy as launching an online commerce platform?

The auto industry braced for tough changes before the global pandemic affected factories, dealerships, and auto parts. Now more than ever, automotive retailers find their current technology lacks the necessary flexibility to adapt to the new normal of a global pandemic. Factory closures, labor strife, footfall in showrooms, cancellations of major auto events across the globe, and the influx of ride-hailing services like Uber or Lyft have created a 12 to 15% dip in the market this year alone.

Looking at the recession that began in 2008, it took almost a decade for car sales in the European Union to recover. Given this precedent, the automotive and auto parts industries need to keep pace with the growing online market demand and changes in consumer behavior by choosing a quick start ecommerce solution to launch online, surpass the competition and revive sales.

Fast-track Your Auto Technology

Many businesses put off launching an online store because the length of time it takes and the amount of work it elicits. By leveraging features of a DTC quick start ecommerce solution, merchants can launch online quick — in weeks, not months —and start processing new orders, products, customers, stores, and promotions to keep up with customer demand.

For example, in North America, weekly online sales of Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts following the COVID-19 outbreak at the beginning of March 2020 nose-dived in the following weeks, falling by 39 percent by the week beginning March 22, 2020. Sales promptly started to increase steadily following this period (albeit with some fluctuations), and from April 12, 2020, sales figures surpassed those from March 1 of the same year. The week commencing May 10, 2020 saw the highest sales increase of approximately 32 percent in comparison with figures two months prior.

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Attract Online Buying Power Quickly

Times are changing—in just 2012, 70 percent of buyers stated the Internet as a major source for information gathering, displacing brochures, ads, and test reports. In 2015, customers visited dealers an average of five times before purchasing a car. To compete, auto manufacturers and dealers need to create a state-of-the-art web presence that provides customers with a digitally supported purchasing experience based on, for example, comparison tools, car configurators, and other online tools.

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Savvy automotive retailers should implement an automotive ecommerce platform if they don’t already have an online store. Getting a website development package doesn’t have to be a lengthy, cost-prohibitive project anymore, many rapid deployments exist so businesses can attract customers to navigate their products or services online fast. With the right automotive ecommerce strategy and implementation partner, automotive retail can focus on the finish line and diminish the pandemic’s economic disruption.

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