5 Must-Have Features of a B2B Ecommerce Platform


Optimize ecommerce technology to maximize your digital transformation

The B2B marketplace demands responsiveness and when outdated systems are unable to keep pace with customer expectations, businesses are turning to secure cloud-based Software as a Solution (SaaS) platforms.

IDC reports from the beginning of 2019 to the end of 2024, worldwide spending on public cloud computing will grow 19% per year, from $147 billion to $418 billion—reflecting major digital growth. With effective ecommerce platforms combining service, sales, and marketing, B2Bs can increase customer service—and sales revenue. Investing in B2B commerce will drive an organization’s people, process, and technology to survive in the digital age. Here’s what you need to know to start or optimize your B2B ecommerce platform.

Critical Questions to Ask

When B2B ecommerce is connected to one integrated CRM platform, an organization can capture a holistic view of the customer via the centralization of data from marketing, sales, IT, commerce and service for a single, shared view of each customer. B2Bs should look for access to customer data to create strategic opportunities to craft a better customer experience through increased personalization. What else should you expect?

1. Does the platform offer a customized site experience for your B2B customers?

This is especially important when it comes to showing customers your pricing and product lists. Your ecommerce platform should streamline online buying enabling your business to create custom price catalogs for individual B2B customers or segments of customers. It should also allow you to set minimum and maximum orders for products and enable fixed-price lists, percentage off and volume-based discounts.

2. Is the platform user-focused and user-friendly?

A growing number of B2B customers are Millennials who have come to expect a positive user experience online in their personal lives. This expectation carries over to their jobs as well. Therefore, your B2B ecommerce platform should make navigation easy and intuitive, be responsive on various digital devices (not just desktop,) and allow customers to quickly purchase, browse track and reorder items in a self-service manner.

3. Can the platform easily integrate with other internal systems?

B2B ecommerce platforms should integrate with a number of other internal systems such as ERP, OMS, CRM and POS as well as shipping, account management, advanced site search, and catalog and procurement systems. Your platform should integrate effectively with these and other internal systems to create a seamless experience for both internal and external users.

4. Does the platform expedite your time to market?

The faster you can deploy your B2B ecommerce solution, the sooner you can start generating new B2B revenue and realizing ROI on your investment.

5. Does the platform allow channel partners to create branding sites and portals?

Your business can help your channel partners grow by designing and launching branded sites and intuitive digital portals for them. By helping them offer their customers guided buying experiences that are fast, efficient and personalized, you can help your channel partners build customer loyalty and generate more repeat business.

Choose the Right Platform

It’s important to perform thorough research and due diligence on the front end to help ensure you choose the right B2B ecommerce platform for your business. Asking these five questions is a good place to start.

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Carlo Wolf

Author: Carlo Wolf, Regional VP, DACH

Carlo was one of successyou’s founders and served as the CEO of the company until it was acquired by OSF Digital in December 2019. He is now Regional Vice President for the DACH Region for OSF Digital. Carlo has worked for over 30 years in the IT industry, mostly in sales, leadership, and general management roles in large, global organizations as well as in start-ups. Throughout his career, he has been focused on customer relationships, customer success, and innovative technologies.