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Every interaction a shopper has with your brand is critical. A great customer experience can win a customer forever, but a lackluster experience can have a detrimental impact – not only causing the individual customer to never return, but also impacting others through word-of-mouth and social media. This is why a strong focus on customer experience and usability is such an integral part of omnichannel commerce. Our consultants help brands and businesses across all verticals optimize customer experiences and site performance through various types of CX and usability services from rapid site evaluations to detailed UX analysis with digital benchmarking, as well as usability studies, in order to deliver the best-in-class customer experiences.


Our services to offer seamless experiences across the entire customer journey

Benchmarking & Assessments

To stay competitive, you need to know what your competitors are doing. Beyond that, smart companies also keep abreast of the features and capabilities of leading businesses, even if they are not direct competitors. Our team of experienced consultants provide customized, detailed, and objective ecommerce and retail benchmarking studies and site assessments. Our assessments and reviews include a scored diagnosis featuring specific, prioritized action steps for quick wins, and recommendations for longer-term strategies. Our clients leverage our expertise to put a solid plan in place now and/or to validate their future plans and goals.

Usability Study

Today’s consumers have high expectations across all digital channels. Poor usability affects conversion rates and AOV; it also drives away your prospects and pushes them towards your competitors. Our usability experts can conduct a combination of qualitative and quantitative analyses that usually provide benefits and uplifts that easily outweighs the cost. Whether it’s performing a heuristic evaluation to find usability issues, eye tracking to understand real customer behavior, or card sorting to understand the architecture that makes the most sense for your target audience, we’ll customize the study based on your needs and goals.

Voice of the Customer

Voice of the Customer (VoC) is a powerful tool to capture real insights and feedback about your customers’ experiences with and expectations for your brand, products, and/or services. Our consultants help brands and businesses build a VoC program that provides insights to help create a stronger customer experience by capturing why they buy from you, how they want to be helped, what they are looking for, as well as their behavioural patterns. We’ll define the study, build a tool to collect VoC data, analyze the collected data, and provide feedback and identify opportunities to improve the overall customer experience.

Journey Mapping

If you want to deliver a standout customer experience, you must be able to understand and adapt the customer journey you offer when someone interacts with your brand. Understanding the customer journey in depth helps you identify and act on customer pain-points and friction areas. Our customer journey mapping offers a holistic view into customers’ experiences with insights like why, when, and how often they engage with you, and uncover moments that matter (often not easily visible) that impact the overall experience.

Lasting Connections & Deep Expertise

The OSF Digital Strategy consultants are former retail and brand practitioners or commerce technology specialists who leverage their experience to help businesses make smarter investment decisions across disciplines. We understand the best practices in commerce and provide tactical recommendations based on site assessments, usability studies, and customer research so you're best positioned offer a standout customer experience.

Years of work with retailers, brands, distributors, investors, technology providers, and industry organizations have cemented our unique position in the digital commerce ecosystem. Our clients benefit from the collective experience of our team of consultants and the expertise we gained from being at the intersection of technology, strategy, and process.

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