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Out-of-stock items generate disappointment and frustrating shopping experiences. They can lead to lost sales and revenue, and damage customer engagement. However, running out of popular items doesn’t necessarily mean the end of the customer journey.

Back in Stock, our self-contained cartridge for Salesforce Commerce Cloud, compatible with SFRA and SiteGenesis, lets customers opt in to alerts for items that are temporarily unavailable. This is a safe way for merchants to manage stockouts, while keeping shoppers close to their ecommerce store. Whether it’s apparel, cosmetics, or home decor, letting customers know when their favorite items are back in stock can increase the chance of not losing sales, while strengthening brand attachment.

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Back in Stock

Main Features

  • SFRA Ready


    The cartridge is compatible with SiteGenesis and Storefront Reference Architecture (SFRA) — Salesforce Commerce Cloud’s customization model and blueprint for site design.
  • automated emails


    After configuration, the cartridge requires virtually no maintenance. The back-in-stock alerts are sent automatically, so that customers are driven back to your Salesforce Commerce Cloud-based website when specific products are restocked.
  • optimal user experience


    In the case of unavailable items, shoppers can easily subscribe to back-in-stock email alerts using the Notify me button on the product description page.
  • bundle notifications


    If customers opt in to back-in-stock notifications for multiple products, they receive a single email that includes all updates. In this way, you avoid spammy practices, while keeping communication relevant.
  • reporting analytics


    You can gain insight into your shoppers’ behavior while measuring the effectiveness of your back-in-stock notification system by analyzing customer interactions with notifications and the number of alerts your customers get.
  • wishlist integration


    Your customers are automatically informed if an out-of-stock product already on their wishlist comes back in stock.


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