Working at OSF


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We focus on respect, flexibility & commitment

OSF Digital has achieved years of great success adopting SMART objectives and creating a clear vision of our future

Life at OSF

Life as an OSF employee is both exciting and rewarding. Our dynamic and fast-growing team is always looking to the future for new challenges and learning opportunities to develop our professional skills and create lasting relationships among the people we work with.

Employees are always encouraged to communicate openly whenever they have a new idea and wish to see it implemented. We believe that this encourages constant improvement and helps our business and employees continue to grow. We have become a very close family - our colleagues are always there for each other, whether going through difficulties or celebrating achievements.

Our recruiting principles focus on honesty and mutual respect. Our short and efficient recruiting process adheres to the following steps:

  • Resume Analysis
  • Online Skills Test
  • HR Interview
  • Technical Interview
  • Response

OSF’s Values


Driven By Change
OSF Strong
Out of all employees
have Microsoft certifications
have at least one certification
are technical persons

We consistently welcome new members to our team.

Employees Testimonials


Part of what keeps us on the right track is the constant feedback we receive from our colleagues. We conduct periodic one-on-one meetings with every employee, the goal being to identify what and how we can improve their working experience with us. In these meetings, our COO and our HR Director come with open minds looking to address any sort of grievances that our employees might have. Below are testimonials from some of our employees who have expressed their feelings about working at OSF: