Executive Team

Namita Seth
Namita Seth Chief People Officer
J.D. Moss
J.D. Moss General Counsel
Anna Petriv
Anna Petriv eVP, North America
Michael Galet
Michael Galet SVP of Operations
Simion Petrov
Simion Petrov VP of Innovation
Alma Cirikovic
Alma Cirikovic VP of Finance & M&A
Anthony Grost
Anthony Grost VP of Global Retail & Consumer Goods
Cornelia Dragomirescu
Cornelia Dragomirescu VP of Talent, Expertise & Organizational Excellence
Paul Balta
Paul Balta VP Operations, Delivery
Rafael Diogenes
Rafael Diogenes VP LATAM, Delivery
Adriano Patrao
Adriano Patrao VP LATAM & IBERIA
Bogdan Stefanescu
Bogdan Stefanescu VP of Business Operations
Pierre Bardot
Pierre Bardot VP Sales, France
Sean Catlin
Sean Catlin VP Financial Services
Garry Larner
Garry Larner VP Sales and GM UKI
Elsie Hulst
Elsie Hulst VP of Delivery APAC
Rob Smith
Rob Smith VP of Tech & GoTo Market
Mike Keane
Michael Keane RVP of Sales APAC
John Rago
John Rago RVP Sales, RCG NA
Lee Martin
Lee Martin RVP Sales MAE NA
Mathieu Pouydesseau
Mathieu Pouydesseau aVP Sales Strategy & GTM DACH
Marissa Plume
Marissa Plume aVP CMT/CBS North America
Rahul Jolly
Rahul Jolly aVP Marketing Cloud
Delphine Hay
Delphine Hay aVP of Marketing EMEA & Head of CSR
Henrique Andrade
Henrique Andrade aVP of Innovation
Oana Andriesanu
Oana Andriesanu aVP Sales Operations
Gabriel Ciulbea
Gabriel Ciulbea aVP North American Delivery
Ramona Marinoaia
Ramona Marinoaia aVP Global Recruiting
Sebastien Kints
Sébastien Kints aVP FullStack Commerce EMEA
Kyd Song
Kyd Song aVP APAC
Oana Dereli
Oana Dereli aVP of Retail UKI
Kathy Kimple
Kathy Kimple aVP, Strategy North America
Brandon Hand
Brandon Hand aVP, RCG North America
Kendra Hollinger
Kendra Hollinger aVP, MAE North America
Hugo Medrado
Hugo Medrado aVP Delivery Industries/Core
Carlos Vicente
Carlos Vicente Cordeiro Correa aVP LATAM, GoTo Market/Alliances
Jason Faulconer
Jason Faulconer aVP Delivery TMT/CBS
Joe Jagassar
Joe Jagassar aVP Revenue Cloud