With Salesforce Order Management (SOM)

Are you looking to:

Obtain a real-time view of inventory
Minimize shipping costs
Provide your customers with BOPIS and ROPIS options
Sync online and in-store inventory
Manage returns and cancelations better
Integrate OMS with your storefront, payment gateways and tax solutions
Get accurate information about orders statuses
Optimize order fulfillment routes
Connect OMS to WMS, ERP, POS
Consolidate your order & inventory data
Take full ownership of orders
Improve communication between CRM, CMS and OMS systems

No matter what industry you’re in and what company you operate, finding an optimal way to manage inventory and fulfill orders efficiently is critical to business success. OSF is skilled at implementing best-in-class Order Management technology to meet the exact needs of emerging and premier brands, and merchants. Our team helps businesses leverage robust OMS solutions to fulfill orders across disparate channels, and ensure well-orchestrated product and service delivery.


Our Salesforce Order Management Services


We work with you to identify your needs, establish a strategy tailored to your specific business processes, and help you customize the platform to meet your goals. Already have SOM integrated in your business and not satisfied with its capabilities? Our SOM experts can evaluate your current SOM implementation and advise on how you can use it to its best capabilities. We provide consultancy services that help you grow your business, manage your customer service better, and manage orders in an optimal way. We can also recommend better solutions and enhancements that bring value to your organization.

Implementation and Integration

We can implement Salesforce Order Management, a next- generation OMS, to help you optimize the speed of order fulfillment, balance inventory levels, and reduce shipping costs. To ensure efficient order processing workflows, we integrate the SOM solution with ECP, CRM, ERP, payment gateways, marketplace solutions, clienteling applications, and other business-critical applications, such as WMS and POS. With the right order management technology, you can easily handle all types of requests from customers, including returns, gift card usage, swap operations, and pick-up-from- store options. The SOM implementation and integration performed by our team allows you to scale global growth quickly and ensures that proper configurations are in place for your expansion into new markets or for adding new brands to your portfolio.

Support and Maintenance

Keep your OMS technology running smoothly, keep it updated, add necessary features, ensure speed of access, and preserve usability with OSF’s evolutive maintenance services. Leverage OSF’s technical support for immediate troubleshooting of unforeseen glitches, and fixing errors in your software systems (logical, coding, or design). We investigate any bug that may arise in your algorithms as part of our routine corrective maintenance procedures. Moreover, our duty-on-call service provides you with access to 24/7 emergency maintenance, and ensures that any critical issues are resolved immediately, even outside of business hours.

Leverage best-in-class
OMS technology

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OSF Digital is an award-winning, certified solution and support partner for leading enterprise, ecommerce, CRM, OMS, and CMS technologies. Over the years we have developed lasting connections and deep expertise that help us deliver the best-in-class OMS technology for our global clients, and business solutions on which we collaborate today.
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Trusted Salesforce Partner

Trusted Salesforce Partner

Our strategic partnership with Salesforce began in 2010. With Salesforce Navigator Expert status, several Salesforce awards for multi-cloud innovation, and a proven playbook for Customer 360 success, OSF Digital guides enterprises through their entire digital transformation journey.

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