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Make your daily workflow easier than ever with the highly intuitive CALENDAR PRO for Salesforce. Gain full visibility of your Salesforce users’ availability and schedule both from your desktop and mobile devices and benefit from our powerful time-saving product that enhances your management capabilities.

34% of salespeople who use Salesforce say they can run an entire sales cycle from their phone or tablet (Forbes). CALENDAR PRO is available on Salesforce1.

Main Features

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    View all Appointments, Tasks, and Emails in a unified calendar directly from Salesforce and easily reference the availability of your users. Increase productivity and improve efficiency in your organization by providing valuable shared calendar management capabilities.
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    Have complete visibility over teams’ multiple schedules. Track the progress of Appointments, Tasks and Emails across the entire company by using the helpful Legend. Filter Appointments and Tasks in the Calendar to quickly access the information you are looking for.
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    Organize a large number of users by creating and editing User Lists, making it easier to sort through large numbers of users. Improve performance and planning capabilities by conveniently navigating between different User Lists directly in Salesforce.
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    Maximize efficiency by empowering your users to color-code different Types of Activities and Calendar users. Your customizable calendar will also allow you to select the Activity details you want to display and simply hover over the Activity to view them.
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    All calendar activities are tied to user profiles and customer data found in Salesforce CRM, resulting in increased visibility, reduced response time and streamlined internal workflows.

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  • We have a number of sales consultants located in different territories and it was becoming increasingly difficult to keep track of each other’s availability. OSF CALENDAR PRO makes us more efficient in terms of planning and scheduling. Now we are able to access a number of different calendars at once, schedule appointments or simply estimate team availability. These are very important aspects that contribute to well-organized and productive team management.
    Kara JuneauSolar Sales Consultant, Sunpro Solar


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