Move from offline to online in just 2 weeks

During these unprecedented times, when consumers are being forced to stay at home — online shopping is unavoidable. Consumer goods brands all over the world are being pushed to act fast and launch their own ecommerce websites to start selling direct-to-consumer. Even though big changes are happening and there is a lot of uncertainty on the market, you are not alone. Being able to rely on a trusted digital transformation partner — who will help you transition to an ecommerce platform to get direct access to your customers and build strong relationships with them that will last long after the crisis is over —can bring calm and certainty to the table.


Create a new revenue and distribution channel

With some traditional channels closed, we’re forced to think about creating new ones. We’re here to help you —as a consumer goods company — to maintain business continuity, by transitioning to a direct-to-consumer ecommerce platform, allowing you to keep a steady revenue flow, and not rely only on selling through offline channels and collecting cash as your primary payment method.


Adapt to changing consumer needs

While consumer lifestyle is changing, shopping behavior patterns are shifting towards more frequent purchases of essentials and groceries. As a food producer, you should prepare for fluctuations of demand spikes and find a way to respond to customer requirements in a time-effective manner. To do this, you will need to transition from offline to online and bypass the standard distribution channel — by selling directly to consumers. This transition is easier to make when you partner with a team of digital transformation experts.

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QS D2C Video

Quick Start Direct to Consumer - Customer Journey Demo

If you want timely innovation, then you are in the right place. OSF Digital’s Quick Start Direct to Consumer is an out-of-the-box commerce solution, designed specifically for brands selling consumer goods through distributors, such as food products, packaged goods, clothing, beverages, automobiles, and electronics. With this innovative solution for Salesforce Commerce Cloud you’ll launch your online store in just 2 weeks.

Quick Start D2C Direct to Consumer Logo

When time is of the essence and you need to adapt fast, you will also need — besides a trusted technology integration partner — the perfect technology to help you deploy quickly. OSF's Quick Start Direct to Consumer is an out-of-the-box commerce solution, designed specifically for brands that are selling durable and non-durable consumer goods through distributors, such as food products, packaged goods, clothing, beverages, automobiles, and electronics, and are now affected by the changes caused by COVID-19.

This innovative solution, developed by OSF Digital and powered by Salesforce Commerce Cloud, will help brands to open a new revenue and distribution channel by quickly launching an ecommerce website to start selling direct to consumers, in just two weeks.

Extend the capabilities

of Salesforce Commerce Cloud with Quick Start D2C

Social Sign-In

Offer customers the possibility to sign into their account with their social media profiles.

Customer Journeys

Create delightful, smooth, and intuitive customer journeys.

Shopping Cart and Checkout

Enhance the customer experience by offering easy access to the shopping cart and a simplified checkout process.

File Sync

Update the product catalog, price lists, and orders easily.


Quick Start Direct to Consumer comes integrated with market-specific payment providers.


Manage taxes through available tax tables or using third-party solution providers.

Commerce Ready Themes

Out-of-the-box website themes to use on your online shop.

Responsive Templates

Use responsive webpage templates to ensure your customer can reach you from any device.



OSF’s solution install

Get your online store up and running in just 2 weeks

Preparation Workshop

Following best practices, we’ll start with a preparation workshop to discuss your strategy for launching your online shop.

UI Theme

We ensure that you’re all set from a UI perspective by providing several options for the color scheme and templates. We also help you set up transactional emails and upload the content.

Promotions and Associated Assets

Enjoy a quick and easy product promotion process. All you need to do is to select the desired type of promotion — and OSF will configure everything on your behalf.

Product Catalog

Provide OSF with product details and we’ll handle setting up the entire product catalogue and category hierarchy.

Order Management Process

We provide order management training so that your customer service and warehouse teams are ready to handle orders smoothly.

Analytics, Payments, Taxes, Shipping Methods

Don’t waste time researching the right solutions for local markets – we’ll recommend and set up the best local tax, payment, and shipping solutions.

OSF’s storefront as a service

Reinforce your ecommerce presence in a 3-month timeframe

Shop Improvement

After the basic set up of your online shop, we continue to improve it by updating the homepage and navigation, and adding or modifying static pages.

Content and Merchandising Updates

We take your merchandising efforts to the next level through further enhancements to your category pages, continuous price and inventory upkeep, as well as site search maintenance.

Digital Ads Management

Reach higher ROI with branded search and shopping ads on Google and Facebook.

Products, Inventory, and Promotion Maintenance

Rely on OSF’s expertise to manage rules and combinations, as well as maintaining promotional marketing assets.

Order Monitoring and Support

We take care of your order exceptions, reversals, and cancellations.

Are you ready to launch your own online shop to sell consumer goods products? Speak today with one of our experts about how you can go live in just two weeks.