Accelerate your digital transformation

Compressing your digital transformation timeline from years to months has been a major theme of the coronavirus economy across sectors. In the auto sales market, more used car dealers and leasing companies are making the move to digital. With our Quick Start Automotive solution for Salesforce Clouds, you can achieve this goal even more quickly—in just a matter of weeks, not months.


Expand your customer base

Launching an online store for used automotive vehicle dealers and leasing companies will help you reach more customers, particularly today’s tech-savvy consumers who want to shop for nearly everything online. Offer your customers an easier experience buying a car by launching an online store with our Quick Start Automotive solution for Salesforce Clouds.


Control your sales process

With an online experience, you have full control of the flow online while removing the high-pressure situations at dealerships that many consumers prefer to avoid. You also get more visibility and insights into your customers’ shopping behavior to better target your marketing campaigns.

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Quick Start Automotive

Quick Start Automotive - Customer Journey Demo

Check out this full customer journey on an automotive ecommerce website built with our
cross-cloud solution. It doesn’t get any quicker to launch online!

OSF QuickStart Auto Logo

Quick Start Automotive is an out-of-the-box commerce solution designed specifically for dealerships that sell used vehicles and leasing companies. This innovative solution powered by three Salesforce Cloud solutions—Commerce, Marketing and Sales—enables automotive brands to launch an ecommerce website quickly. With an online store to showcase products and sell direct to consumers, dealers effectively open a new revenue and distribution channel.

Enable and Enhance Salesforce Clouds Features

with Quick Start Automotive

  • View vehicles close to me
  • Search by dealership location
  • Guided vehicle finder
  • Reserve vehicle
  • Cars I like (Wishlist)
  • Car sales-specific UX
  • UI optimized for auto
  • Car recommendations
  • View & handle reservation requests
  • Payment provider for reservation requests
  • View & handle test drive requests
  • View & handle car visit requests
  • Manage sales process
  • Send email notifications

OSF’s Solution Install Services

Start selling online in just 6 weeks

  • Set up dealership locations
  • Create vehicle catalogue
  • Configure guided vehicle finder
  • Configure car sale specific UX
  • Create vehicle attributes
  • Configure Einstein recommendations
  • Create dealership accounts
  • Create sales representative accounts
  • Configure test drive and visit request routing

OSF’s Process Management as a Service

3 months support for your new ecommerce store

  • Provide support for adding new VINs
  • Provide support for lead to sale conversion
  • Create personalized car recommendations
  • Provide support for car reservations, visits and test drive processes
  • Generate reports
  • Dealership location updates
  • Support price book updates