Are Support Services an Expense or an Investment?

Are Support Services an Expense or an Investment?

When you have a problem with a product or service and need help solving it, how would you like to be treated?

This question will always lead to the answer that support is not an expense but an investment. Ignoring the importance of quality and specialized service to customers and internal users can be a serious mistake in the digital transformation of business.

OSF Digital’s experience in projects across industries shows that 30% to 50% of a company’s budget for digital transformation initiatives should be directed toward support strategies and the maintenance of applications. Why? Because the combination of application support and support services ensures that the experience is a positive one. It also ensures that the investment in the solutions produces a positive ROI, pushing the organization to explore the solution’s full potential over time.

Even with this evidence, some companies remain resistant to investing in support strategies and services from the beginning of their digital transformation journey. This lack of vision and flexibility can compromise the customer and user experience and block the expected return projected in the project plan.

A lack of support services directly impacts a customer’s experience, generating a lack of trust in your service or solution and, consequently, low retention. So the investment you will have to make to win back those customers will be much greater than if you had served them when they initially needed it.

Questions that need to be answered before your applications go live are:

  1. Do I have a team or roles that can meet the needs of users for questions, training, alignment, incident analysis and improvements?
  2. Does this team specialize in service management and Salesforce?
  3. Do we have availability and a tool for service?
  4. What channels will be served?
  5. What is the value of customer satisfaction with the implemented project?

This list could be extensive, but it is worth reflecting on for answers. It is no use having the best system and the best processes if those who use the technology and tools cannot visualize and execute their full value.

To get help with your support strategy, visit OSF Digital’s Support & Maintenance Services page.

Sue Ellen Correa

Author: Sue Ellen Correa

Sue Ellen Correa is Project Director at OSF Digital. Specializing in ITIL and ITSM, she focuses on structuring support operations on Salesforce to bring value to every service provided. Her passion is to train people and guide careers, and she also participates in IT professional training projects for Salesforce.