Don’t Just Digitize Your Organization: Transform It

One Team, Multiple Successes:
Empowering Staff for a Brighter

The ongoing labor shortage has spurred multi-layered changes. Workers and organizations around the world are grappling with issues related to staffing, mindset, and growth. These complexities are significant for global companies that operate in numerous countries and continents.

With so much in flux, now is a key time for retailers to re-imagine possibilities related to hiring and retention. Evaluating core values is essential too. Looking at building unity—regardless of where workers are located—will be vital going forward as job and life trends evolve.

“Sell” Your Company to Attract Workers

What will draw employees to your company? When they look at compensation packages, what will they see? Salary often tops the list of priorities for employees when choosing a job. Nearly two-thirds of workers consider an opportunity if it presents a way to earn more income, according to the Great Discontent Study by Workable. Employees also consider the chance to contribute and be valued, per Gartner research.

Before asking for applications, think about what your organization offers. Perhaps it is an above-average salary for workers. If you’re not sure how your wages compare, look at what similar firms in a specific area are offering. Compensation could vary by country. Regardless of location, new hires will contemplate the amount they are offered. Once workers are onboard, a chance for wage increases will play into their decisions on how long to stay.

Offering workers the opportunity to contribute to the company can go a long way. If you involve staff in the creation process, they may feel more engaged and empowered. They could have ideas related to how systems can better function. They might come up with solutions for growing demand in certain markets, and ways to connect with customers via video streams or online platforms.

Establish the Same Mindset Everywhere

What will a new hire learn during their first months on the job? Will they listen to different perspectives on core values from co-workers and managers? If everyone shares the same sense of purpose and works toward similar organizational goals, an onboarding team member will notice.

When workers feel a sense of unity across all segments of the retailer—even if the branches span various regions of the world—it can be meaningful. They will better understand their role as part of the whole. They will likely be motivated to pitch in and do their share (or more) for the team.

While setting a collective mindset may sound essential, creating it doesn’t happen overnight. Leaders and managers can model core values such as open communication, integrity, and innovation. Team members that exemplify the company’s culture might receive recognition. Ultimately, systems that connect departments and staff will be set up to support these values. For instance, if collaboration is important, the infrastructure will make it easy to connect from anywhere at anytime with others involved in a project.

Open Doors for Professional Growth

In an increasing gig economy, workers are piecing together the jobs and hours they want. They’re setting their own rules and seeking growth on their terms. If a position provides them with a chance to uplevel their skills, they may be motivated to stay.

At your company, imagining what type of environment would foster growth is a great starting point. What can your organization do to create opportunities for promotions? How are performance evaluations carried out? Are they set up to provide workers with advice for their professional growth?

When team members are all in, there are universal benefits. Attrition rates drop and satisfaction among players increases. In turn, profits rise—and even soar.

Gerard Szatvanyi

Author: Gerard Szatvanyi

As a founding member and CEO of OSF Digital, Gerry has more than 15 years of experience managing start-ups and medium-size IT businesses and driving them to peak performance. With background in Enterprise Applications, IT Services and Consultancy, Gerry's impressive client and business portfolio sets him in the new breed for global entrepreneurship.