Top 3 Ways to Empower New Digital Revenue Streams During Your Customer’s Frozen Food Journey


Frozen food manufacturers can launch direct-to-consumer options quickly to boost growth

As frozen food ecommerce demonstrates it will continually be a significant distribution channel, large companies are positioning themselves quickly in the direct-to-consumer (DTC) marketplace. Among them include:

  • Tyson Foods, the fastest growing portfolio of protein-centric brands, formed a partnership with AmazonFresh to sell its Tyson Tastemakers meal kit brand online
  • Unilever, brands 2.5 billion people use every day, partnered with China-based ecommerce firm to expand its distribution into the DTC market further
  • Rastelli Foods Group, a global corporation supplying hotels, restaurants, institutions, and retail markets with food products, launched its ecommerce division at the start of the frozen food home delivery movement
  • Perdue Farms launched their own DTC ecommerce portal to sell frozen beef, pork, chicken, and lamb and ship online orders using 100% recyclable packaging, including a reusable shopping tote and a packet of seeds from plants designed to attract bees and butterflies
  • CPGs such as Talenti, Amy’s, Applegate, Beyond Meat, Udi’s, Dole, Kellogg’s, and others sell frozen products through FreshDirect and other meal delivery channels

When it comes to ecommerce in the frozen food industry, does a company’s size or product inventory matter? OSF Digital, a thought leader in commerce, says no. The top features frozen food manufacturers of any size can implement quickly using a frozen food ecommerce platform are inventory/supply chain management, order management, sales/operations, and pricing and promotions.

3 Ways to Empower Your Frozen Food Customer’s Journey

1-Consider replenishment emails to foster brand loyalty and help establish a reliable revenue stream for your D2C online store by sending emails reminding your customers that they may soon run out of their favorite products and encourage them to quickly and easily take action.

2-Transform abandoned carts into a steady revenue flow by offering a cart abandonment email strategy for your DTC online store. Since more than 75% of online orders are left before a purchase is completed, you can factor in customer segmentation to personalize their journey, the frequency and timing of cart recovery emails, and your messaging and design with the right abandoned cart solution.

3-Could a rewards program add value and encourage consumers to become repeat buyers? You bet! Nearly 80% of consumers active in a loyalty program say they are likely to continue doing business with a brand if they have a loyalty rewards program.

Launch DTC in Weeks, Not Months

A go-to-market solution like Quick Start D2C allows frozen food manufacturers to sell products online DTC in a matter of weeks, not months. Launching an online shop rapidly keeps pace with fast-changing consumer behavior, taking advantage of new buying trends, which improve your customer retention and satisfaction. You can even launch a subscription service for your customers for repeat orders. The future of food manufacturer’s DTC channels is here, just waiting to be reimagined. In today’s world, pivoting yourself for online success may be easier than you think.

Becky Wright

Author: Becky Wright, VP Salesforce Alliance & Marketing

Becky’s background in corporate marketing, sales and leadership spans several industries including Media and Communications, Retail and Consumer Goods, Professional Services, Finance and Technology. With more than 15 years of worldwide experience in rapidly growing organizations, Becky plays a major role in integrating technologies and business processes to create demand engines that influence and convert growth. Becky’s passion for technology and B2B enterprise services inspire her to share unique perspectives on digital transformation strategies that deliver strong results and deep business intelligence.

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