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Building the right foundation requires a lot of different technology systems and solutions that must be fully integrated to achieve optimal performance. The right tech stack can offer your organization competitive business agility and scalability to accelerate growth. When you optimize technology, you not only reduce operating expenses and inefficiencies but also enhance the customer experience and improve conversations. Our Digital Strategy technology experts can help you develop the best technology roadmap for your unique business needs and provide continuous support throughout the entire commerce lifecycle.


Our services to build a powerful technology foundation

Technology Roadmap & Prioritization

We understand the difficulty in navigating today’s rapidly evolving tech landscape. Are you making the right tech investments? Is headless commerce the right architecture for you? Should you build on PWA? Having a team of digital commerce experts assess your roadmap helps validate your current plan and provides perspective on how to prioritize all that you want to accomplish. Our tech consultants closely align and define your technology goals with your business strategy in mind. We develop strategic tech roadmaps, including prioritization of capabilities and recommended platform improvements or investments in new technologies, enabling you to achieve your strategic goals quickly and most efficiently.

Technology Assessments

Want an objective deep dive analysis of your digital commerce and retail technology stack? Depending on the nature of your business, your technology stack may include any variation of an ecommerce platform, content management system, order management system, product information management system, ERP, DAM, POS, recommendation engine, email marketing solution – just to name a few. Sometimes, multiple systems provide the same functionality and, sometimes, alternative solutions can do a better job. Our technical consultants perform a thorough analysis to highlight current weaknesses and identify optimal areas for improvement.

Technology Requirements & Selection

Developing detailed requirements is key to an effective selection process for core platforms and point solutions. A thorough requirements analysis is critical, often leading to the identification of gaps and opportunities that may not have been readily apparent. OSF Digital Strategy consultants use a rigorous process and in-depth digital commerce and retail knowledge to conduct detailed technical requirements aligned to business goals, and to help guide the selection process, customization and implementation of technology platforms in the commerce ecosystem.

Technology Implementation Coaching & Audit

Selecting the right ecommerce or retail technology solution is only half the battle. Once you have selected a platform, you need to make sure that the implementation runs smoothly and is fully integrated with other systems in the tech stack. Protect your investment by leveraging OSF Digital Strategy consultants to keep your implementation on track and avoid costly mistakes. Already done with implementation? No matter how thoroughly you plan the implementation of a new solution, more often than not, there will be areas that can be improved and capabilities that are not fully leveraged. Let us perform a post-implementation audit to highlight “misses” in your implementation, identify opportunities for improvements, and prioritize plans for the next phase.

Customer Data Strategy

Customer data is essential in any successful digital strategy. Getting a handle on customer data not only results in the ability to target your customers now (through segmentation and optimization) but it is critical in anticipating what’s next. Although most recognize the value of achieving a 360-view of the customer, many retailers and brands struggle with developing (and executing upon) a comprehensive customer data strategy, determining the best supporting technology platforms to invest in and processes to put in place. Our Digital Strategy consultants can help you define the business impact and investments needed, identify technology requirements, and fill gaps in processes and skills.


Change is the only constant. We know how hard it is to keep up with innovation – it takes time and resources, both of which are usually scarce. The OSF Digital Strategy team not only keeps up with innovations in the retail space but uncovers how they impact organizations. Our consultants can help you find the right balance between the “wow factor” and ROI, build a business case for emerging technology investments, and help navigate the landscape when you’re ready to leverage a solution or a tool.

Lasting Connections & Deep Expertise

The OSF Digital Strategy consultants are former retail and brand practitioners or commerce technology specialists that leverage their experience to help businesses make smarter tech investment decisions. We do this by providing strategic and tactical hands-on guidance on everything from tech strategy to implementation of new systems to performing a post-launch audit.

Years of work with retailers, brands, distributors, investors, technology providers, and industry organizations have cemented our unique position in the digital commerce ecosystem. Our clients benefit from the collective experience of our team of consultants and the expertise we gained from being at the intersection of technology, strategy, and process.

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