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In today’s omnichannel world, your merchandising strategy should be about creating a consistent shopping experience across every customer touchpoint, including store, ecommerce, and marketplaces. It's about creating a seamless, unified brand experience across every sales channel. A solid omnichannel merchandising strategy is critical in resonating with shoppers, converting them into buyers, and nurturing those relationships to increase LTV. Our merchandising consultants not only assess your product assortment planning but also put a comprehensive plan in place to meet your strategic goals.


Our services to optimize your merchandising and content plans

Merchandising Strategy

All retail starts with a key merchandising question: what are we going to sell? From this flows a series of other questions, including how products will be sold and at what price. In a world of endless aisle, marketplaces and inventory curveballs, digital merchandising presents a unique set of challenges and opportunities. We work with clients to help optimize merchandising strategies to increase conversions and AOV across assortment and channels. Our consultants assess existing assortments, product presentation, upsell/cross-sell, and tools to build successful merchandising strategies.

Merchandising Diagnostic

Our consultants can perform a deep-dive analysis of your current merchandising plan and processes, allocation, markdowns, promotional plan, tools (technologies and solutions), and reporting to identify inefficiencies and opportunities. From the diagnostic, we share findings and present a gap analysis against industry best practices, as well as provide any quick wins that you can implement in your current state. Take it to the next level and let our team help you develop a full roadmap that aligns with the overall merchandising strategy.

Content Optimization

Content is queen. But if it’s not optimized and leveraged in ways that matter to your shopper, it’s not serving you well. With so much content at shoppers’ fingertips, content optimization is not just about discoverability and SEO, but also about providing added value that attracts your target audience at every stage of the funnel and keeps them engaged even after a purchase. Our content strategist will assess and optimize your content strategy and provide guidance for the types of content needed by customer personas across the shopping journey.

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Lasting Connections & Deep Expertise

The OSF Digital Strategy consultants are former retail and brand practitioners or ecommerce software specialists that leverage their experience to help businesses make smarter investment decisions. We do this by providing strategic and tactical hands-on guidance on technology, marketing, merchandising, operations, financials, and organizational design.

Years of work with retailers, brands, distributors, investors, technology providers, and industry organizations have cemented our unique position in the digital commerce ecosystem. Our clients benefit from the collected experience of our team of consultants and the expertise we gained from being at the intersection of technology, strategy, and process.

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