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The battle to win customers and customer loyalty has never been more fierce, and customers have never been more demanding. Every interaction during the shopping journey matters. Every touchpoint is your opportunity to connect and engage with your customers. Our industry veteran consultants have developed, assessed, recalibrated, and rebuilt many marketing plans for both B2C and B2B companies across all verticals. We help prioritize marketing spend and develop tactical marketing plans, including SEO and SEM, email, digital ads and retargeting, personalization, loyalty, social media and mobile. Whether you want validation for next year’s marketing strategy and budget, need help selecting the right MarTech foundation, or need an interim executive to revamp your acquisition marketing plan, we’re here to help.


Marketing Strategy

In order to compete in the crowded omnichannel landscape, companies must meet their customers wherever, whenever, and however they want, all at the right time with the right messaging. Let the OSF Digital Strategy marketing experts be an extension of your team and hit the ground running from day one! Our marketing consultants can dive deep into evaluating and benchmarking your current marketing activities, spending, metrics, tools, and platforms. We help you assess and build tactical, customer-centric and unified marketing plans tailored to your industry to get the best return on your marketing investments.

Marketing Diagnostic & Optimization

How do you stack up against your competitors and the industry? It’s hard to look at your own strategy and plan, objectively. Let our experts assess your current marketing plan and performance to see where you need to transform to unlock growth. Our data-driven consultants will look at your KPIs and analytics to help identify gaps and weaknesses, make recommendations, and prioritize those initiatives that make real impact to your bottom-line.

Acquisition & Retention

We understand the pressure marketing executives are facing with rising acquisition costs and fleeting customer loyalty. Our marketing consultants develop winning online customer acquisition strategies that are aligned with clients’ strategic goals. We can assess your current digital marketing plan and identify improvements to maximize your ROI; there’s always room for optimization when it comes to acquisition tactics. Our experts can also assess and make recommendations to your retention strategy. We identify and analyze key retention metrics to put a tactical plan in place to optimize your customer lifetime value (CLV), customer churn rate, repeat purchase ratio, and more.

Loyalty Strategy & Program Design

For many brands and businesses, it is no longer enough to offer one-size-fits-all earn-and-burn loyalty programs. Every touchpoint and engagement should be meaningful, and the reward should align with the overall customer experience. When building a loyalty strategy, it’s critical to map out customer journeys and understand what is valuable to each customer. Sophisticated brands are building different rewards depending on the persona and personalizing the loyalty experience. The OSF Digital Strategy team can assess and revamp your current loyalty program or build a new omnichannel loyalty strategy, define business and technical requirements needed for a loyalty program, and prioritize investments.

Social Media & Commerce

Social media is a channel that cannot be ignored in today’s digital world. OSF Digital Strategy consultants can help you navigate the social media landscape and provide guidance on where to spend your social commerce and marketing investments, whether investing in paid media, pushing content on social media, enabling customers to easily share content, or leveraging customer-generated content and visual assets directly on your site to inspire and engage visitors.

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Lasting Connections & Deep Expertise

The OSF Digital Strategy consultants are former retail and brand practitioners or commerce technology specialists that leverage their experience to help businesses make smarter investment decisions. Our consultants are former CMOs, CTOs, CDOs with omnichannel marketing responsibilities, so whether you are tasked with increasing traffic and sales, defending your marketing budget, or refining your loyalty strategy, we can help.

Years of work with retailers, brands, distributors, investors, technology providers, and industry organizations have cemented our unique position in the digital commerce ecosystem. Our clients benefit from the collective experience of our team of consultants and the expertise we gained from being at the intersection of technology, strategy, and process.

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