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The OSF Digital Strategy team helps retailers, brands, manufacturers and B2B organizations, regardless of company type, size, industry or digital maturity, build comprehensive, data-driven, digital commerce and omnichannel strategies. A winning strategy encompasses many components and requires constant refinement. You not only need a solid foundation; you must position your company for continued growth, despite the competition and the many unknowns of the future of omnichannel commerce.


Our omnichannel retail services to build, grow, and accelerate your business

Omnichannel Strategy

True omnichannel retail enables cohesive and seamless customer experiences across all touchpoints. As companies rush to embrace omnichannel to meet the ever-increasing demands of today’s hyper-connected shopper, they are faced with new layers of operational, technological, merchandising and marketing challenges. The OSF Digital Strategy team helps retailers, brands, manufacturers, and distributors assess, improve, and optimize their omnichannel strategies. We work with you to evaluate and prioritize your many initiatives – from operational capabilities such as cross-channel fulfilment and endless-aisle to marketing, content, and merchandising strategies to ensure cohesive experiences across all channels while improving operational efficiencies.

Digital Acceleration Roadmap

A clear digital and omnichannel strategic roadmap helps organizations meet customer expectations and plan for accelerated growth. We leverage our expertise and experience as well as proprietary and industry data to assess your business and digital ecosystem, uncovering gaps and opportunities in the process. Powered by a diligence framework, we evaluate your existing digital maturity and deliver a strategic roadmap that covers all core pillars of your business (merchandising, marketing, CX, operations, technology, data, organization, P&L/budgeting) necessary to achieve digital and omnichannel success.

Marketplace Strategy

From Amazon to Poshmark, from B2C to vertical B2B sites, it is impossible to ignore the impact that marketplaces have on digital commerce today. Every brand and retailer should consider marketplaces as part of their overall strategy. At a bare minimum, that means fully evaluating whether marketplaces should be part of the sales and marketing strategy. We help brands and retailers assess the marketplace opportunity, build the right marketplace strategy, and plan the marketplace launch, including everything from inventory planning to organic marketing and paid advertising. We also provide ongoing support to ensure continued success. For brands already on marketplaces, we help optimize the return on the investment by providing assessments that evaluate existing brand presence on Amazon and other marketplaces, including operations and marketing.

Channel Strategy

As brands, retailers, and B2B businesses grow, channel strategy and attribution can get complicated. New commerce channels are constantly popping up, whether it be new marketplaces, pop-up stores and other experiential formats, social commerce, vehicle commerce, etc. In today’s omnichannel world, channel strategy should not be about activating siloed, individual channels, but rather a holistic strategy, staying agile as the customer journey moves from one channel to the next. In B2B, organizations also need to proactively plan for possible channel conflicts. Digital Strategy experts can assess your current channel strategy, identify friction points, present alternative or emerging channels to consider, and align goals to maximize efficiencies and increase revenue and customer’s LTV (lifetime value).

B2B Commerce

Branded manufacturers, wholesalers, and B2B businesses have complex and unique digital transformation journeys. Whether your company is just getting started in digital or wants to explore going direct-to-consumer (DTC), we understand the variations in B2C and B2B ecommerce, as well as considerations when going direct. Let us help you identify the opportunities and define features and functionalities that augment your customers’ experiences. We walk you through the current B2B commerce tech landscape and build strategy plans with best practices around marketing, merchandising, content, operations, and organizational design to accelerate your growth.

Global Expansion

The internet truly makes the world smaller and enables organizations of all sizes to compete globally. Global expansion is a popular way to grow and accelerate businesses. However, it does come with a new set of challenges that needs to be evaluated and addressed. Our global Digital Strategy experts can conduct an international market assessment to uncover opportunities and assess the competitive landscape. Our consultants can help you define a strategy and financial model for global expansion that covers all operational and organizational issues, addresses technology considerations and regulatory challenges as well as marketing and merchandising strategies and tactical plans.

Change Management

Organizational Change Management (OCM) is often necessary for growth. Many organizations are starting to move from a project-by-project team design to embedding change management and building organizational capabilities and competencies. Change management drives the successful adoption and usage of change within the business, whether it be expanding the team, redefining roles, implementing new technologies, or optimizing the processes to become more efficient. Typically leveraging the ADKAR methodology (Awareness, Desire, Knowledge, Ability, Reinforcement), we can create and drive the OCM strategy, incorporating key factors, such as employee sentiments, perceptions of effectiveness, and readiness for future-state, while facilitating an open communication channel to discuss any issues.

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Lasting Connections & Deep Expertise

The OSF Digital Strategy consultants are former retail and brand practitioners or commerce technology experts, leveraging their varied experiences to help businesses make smarter investment decisions. We do this by providing strategic and tactical hands-on guidance on technology, data, marketing, merchandising, operations, financials, and organizational design.

Years of work with retailers, grocers, brands, CPG, distributors, investors, technology providers, and industry organizations have cemented our unique position in the digital commerce and retail ecosystem. Our clients benefit from the collective experience of our team and the expertise we have gained from being at the intersection of technology, strategy, and process.

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