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With vast experience in the apparel industry gathered from delivering complex ecommerce projects over the years, we help clothing brands with their digital transformation journey and beyond. Not only do we deliver fast implementations and commerce integrations, but we also constantly build innovative solutions for the apparel industry to help brands go to market quickly, and rapidly implement their ecommerce stores. We work with our clients to deliver the same store-like experience for their customers, making their shopping journey unique, easy, and pleasant.

Apparel Brands That Trust Us



OSF were the only ones that had the ready ability to migrate information from Salesforce OMS and Commerce Cloud into Service Cloud. It also has the benefit of a great ticketing system to make it easy for our customer service agents to help our customers. This reduced our implementation costs and improved our implementation speed.

KEITH CAMPBELL Vice President, Operations, Life is Good

We Know What Makes You Unique

Each garment business is unique and wants to deliver unique shopping experiences to its customers. We know what can make you stand out, and we’ll work with you on delivering customized features for your store:

  • Commerce-ready Themes
  • Responsive Templates
  • Rich Multi-level Menu
  • Customer Journeys
  • Social Sign-in
  • Wishlist
  • eGift Cards
  • Style Quiz
  • Cart Recovery Functionality
  • Store Locator
  • Select Store at Checkout
  • Pickup from Store or Curbside
  • Notifications for Customers for Pickup

Choose a Trusted Partner

When working with OSF Digital, you can expect success as you’ve never experienced before. We stay true to our motto—Inspired by Technology, Driven by Success—and for more than 15 years, we have led brands to new levels of success in commerce technology. We are a Salesforce Platinum Partner and have extensive experience implementing Salesforce Commerce Cloud as well as delivering multi-cloud and omnichannel integrations, internationalization, and commerce optimization. We help clothing brands overcome challenges in our world’s rapidly changing digital environment.

Solve Your Apparel Needs Quick

Every apparel commerce and marketing professional seeking to enter online channels wants a quick launch and rapid implementation of their online store at an affordable price. Start your digital transformation journey with our solutions—tailored specifically to the needs of garment brands—with features that will help deliver a delightful store-like customer experience.



We were looking for a solution with strong omnichannel capabilities that was also scalable and agile and would be able to grow along with our business needs across different geographies. We’re already seeing results of this project, and our sales have increased. Thanks to OSF, we’re now able to accelerate our plans for ecommerce expansion involving other Sonae brands.


Enhance Your Apparel Store

If you want to deliver an exceptional and personalized customer experience that delights your shoppers and makes them come back to your online store, you should add a style quiz. A style quiz allows your customers to receive personalized clothing recommendations and adding video content on your store will help with a tailored view of clothes they prefer. Customers should also easily find a gift card option to buy for their loved ones or colleagues. All these options are simple to enable on your Salesforce Commerce Cloud-based website with our commerce cloud cartridges.

Life is Good

Popular apparel and accessories manufacturer and retailer Life is Good looked to OSF Digital for a large-scale, multi-cloud transformation. The brand now has a unified view of consumers to provide an enhanced customer experience.

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Connected Commerce

Today customers want seamless retail shopping experiences, whether it’s an online purchase, in-store return, or through your mobile app. Is your business delivering innovative ways to reach your customers?

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The Curbside Pickup Customer Journey: Combining Online and Offline to Serve Customers Better

Just offering e-booking and in-store pickup, does not meet the current needs of shoppers and merchants. If your business has both a physical store and an ecommerce store, the curbside pickup option is a great way to unify offline with online orders.

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Solve Your Retail Banking Needs Quick

Every commerce and marketing professional working in the retail banking industry and seeking to enter online channels wants a quick launch and rapid implementation of their online bank at an affordable price. Start your digital transformation journey with our solutions—tailored specifically to the needs of retail banking brands—with features that will help deliver a delightful store-like customer experience and products that will help you launch directly on the newest technology: headless commerce architecture.

Retail Banking Accelerator - Customer Journey Demo

Innovate your retail banking commercial strategy by bringing customers and sellers together. Watch this demo to see all journeys for an online banking marketplace built with our Retail Banking Accelerator for Salesforce Clouds.

Enhance Your Online Bank

If you want to deliver exceptional and store-like customer experiences that delight your shoppers, you should consider enabling specific retail banking features. Adding a quiz allows your customers to receive personalized product and services recommendations. Hosting helpful videos on product and service pages can help customers find what they need easier and better understand your products and services, as well as increase your conversion rates. Integrating your blog with your retail banking ecommerce site not only helps you from an SEO standpoint, but also helps your customers get educated on your products and services. If you’re operating in physical locations, enabling a store locator section will help your customers easily find you. Altogether, these functionalities will optimize your online bank, and are easy to enable on your Salesforce Commerce Cloud-based website, with our commerce cloud cartridges.