How to Enhance Your Quick Service Restaurant Delivery Strategy


Giving customers flexible delivery options not only brings you closer to their ordering and dining needs, but it also can make your services stand out in the dynamic QSR world.

You’ve listened to your customers’ needs and created the ideal quick service menu. You have the perfect ingredients, optimal prices and just the right amount of online ordering flexibility. But is this enough to offer the flawless, end-to-end customer experience every online quick service restaurant craves? If your food also reaches customers when and where they want it, then your competitors should feel intimidated.

A thorough delivery strategy is paramount to keeping sales and customer loyalty up. Giving customers flexible delivery options not only brings you closer to their ordering and dining needs, but it also can make your services stand out in the dynamic QSR world.

Ready, steady, deliver

Speed is core to the quick service restaurant industry. Just consider one of the most obvious customer pain points when ordering something to eat: the sense of urgency. When waiting isn’t an option, a great meal can be easily ruined by slow delivery.

Our QSR experience showed that one of the top things to consider in building a successful delivery strategy is time optimization. Show your customers they’re valuable by providing them fast QSR service. This is how you keep your brand promise and convince them to pick your restaurant again.

Keep your delivery options open

The dine-in only experience is slowly becoming a thing of the past. Your customers are always on the move, and their mobility highly influences their eating habits. Why not let them choose how to enjoy their quick-serve meal directly from their preferred devices? Home delivery, curbside pickup, and drive-through are all delivery options that match the modern customer’s needs.

Your guests need the flexibility of direct or scheduled delivery, pickup or take away when making their choice. With various possibilities for delivery, our advice is to find the options that fit your brand and target audience, and make them easily accessible through digital transformation.

Stay in touch with your QSR diners

Customers need transparency on their orders. A negative scenario that’s not far from everyday reality is placing an order online and not having real-time delivery information. What’s the order status? How much time is left until one can enjoy their meal? Is the order payment accepted? Not having a response to these questions can strongly affect your customer experience.

Make sure your customers know what happens to their order every step of the way, and avoid providing limited or lagged delivery updates. Whether the order was just placed, the order has been scheduled for later pickup, or the customer has arrived to pick up the order, they should always have relevant order tracking data.

Power up your digital infrastructure

A streamlined ordering process is key to enhancing delivery, from delivery time and method to order tracking. We build QSR-dedicated ecommerce products to approach the specific needs of a quick service restaurant business, and the delivery system is one of our focus spots.

We provide the digital infrastructure for you to enable various delivery types — home delivery, drive-in, or curbside in the parking lot. We helped one of the largest QSR players reach their industry-specific objectives, and we’re the first Salesforce Partner to trailblaze a path to QSR hospitality.

Let’s see how we can use our expertise to make your quick serve business stand out.

Becky Wright

Author: Becky Wright, VP Salesforce Alliance & Marketing

Becky’s background in corporate marketing, sales and leadership spans several industries including Media and Communications, Retail and Consumer Goods, Professional Services, Finance and Technology. With more than 15 years of worldwide experience in rapidly growing organizations, Becky plays a major role in integrating technologies and business processes to create demand engines that influence and convert growth. Becky’s passion for technology and B2B enterprise services inspire her to share unique perspectives on digital transformation strategies that deliver strong results and deep business intelligence.