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New borders in offering eCommerce and Cloud solutions for international brands

OSF Digital defines new borders in offering eCommerce and Cloud solutions for international brands

OSF Digital is growing at an accelerated pace, giving all team members the opportunity to grow professionally and develop their skills.

Currently, OSF Digital has offices in 31 locations around the world. The company aims to hire an additional 100 professionals by the end of the year to join the existing 900 colleagues within the organization. The open positions in the company are for both front-end, as well as back-end developers.

More than 450 of the company’s employees work in Romania where half of the company's operations take place.

”We are glad to see more and more specialists are joining OSF Digital. In the past four months, we inaugurated five new offices in key points in our country and the world: two in Romania in Pitești and Craiova, two in Ukraine – Chernivtsi and Odessa, and one in Montreal, Canada. We strongly believe that our benefits packages, work environment, corporate culture, and horizontal communication style, are key ingredients for the success of our organization,” declares Alin Dorobanțu, Chief Operational Officer, OSF Digital.

The company’s rapid expansion can be credited to the strong organizational culture which promotes performance, and individual professional development. Employees have the option to work remotely in multidisciplinary and international teams. The success of this approach is proven by one of the latest titles obtained by OSF Digital – Salesforce Gold Partner. This distinction recognizes the efforts of the OSF Digital team and along with the many new Salesforce certifications, shows the company can be relied upon for the implementation of innovative technology solutions.

global presence

OSF Digital continues its expansion through strategic partnerships and new office openings.

New partnerships, new opportunities

The acquisition of iFactory Solutions, a software company from Latin America, specialized in offering software services, mobile applications, support, and implementation, helped enhance OSF Digital’s worldwide visibility this year.

The OSF Digital Commerce Alliance continues to maximize multiple strategic international partnerships in North America, and Europe, where the company continues to offer technologically innovative products and solutions to B2B and B2C companies.


OSF Digital teams are located in different regions over the world and manage complex projects with a global impact, demonstrating the company’s cultural diversity

Premium brands recognize OSF Digital’ evolution

OSF Digital became a Salesforce partner in 2010 and continues to offer its expertise in implementing and integrating Salesforce Clouds. OSF is determined to contribute to the digital transformation of the companies it works with and helps brands to obtain a more integrated view of the consumer's behaviour. This progress was recognized at Dreamforce 2018, when the company received the Lightning Bolt Trailblazer Award for Retail.


OSF received a Bolty Award at Dreamforce 2018

New partnerships, new opportunities

With over 120 ongoing projects, OSF Digital delivers innovative digital solutions for a wide range of channels, devices, and geographic areas. Famous global brands such as L’Oréal, Samsonite, GEOX, Ubisoft and Tui TravelCenter trust the high level of professionalism and knowledge OSF has provided over the years.

For more details on OSF Digital's activity and expansion, visit the company's website.


Gerard Szatvanyi, Chief Executive Officer, OSF Digital at OSF Days of Excellence in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil