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Taking a customer 360 approach is a significant part of what we do here at OSF, and our success has been recognized with an impressive award win for the work that we performed for Bouclair. Learn more about how we helped the leading home décor retail chain amplify their customer experience and obtain impressive results.

We see many retailers struggling to get a sense of what truly is going on within their organizations. They’re generating all kinds of data, but it just sits around begging to be made actionable. What a waste of potential!

The curse of stagnant data is broken thanks to the additional developments being made to Salesforce Customer 360. This new cross-cloud technology initiative makes its B2C Marketing, Commerce, and Service products work together efficiently. As you can imagine, as a Platinum Salesforce Partner, OSF is incredibly excited for these new developments and what this means for the commerce industry.

Merchants will now easily obtain a 360-degree view of consumer data in one location, allowing them to gain new insights and offer one-to-one engagement with their valued customers. Online and in-store activities are no longer separated, and a full sense of shopper behavior is captured and made actionable with access to this data now provided to all departments, including marketing, sales, and service.

OSF Digital is already working to help brands connect their commerce data using Salesforce’s Customer 360 approach. In fact, we have won a Salesforce Partner Innovation Award in the Customer 360 category for our work to help our client, Canadian home decor retail chain Bouclair amplify their customer experience using a 360-degree view of consumer data.

Bouclair turned to OSF Digital, a Platinum Salesforce Consulting Partner, to overhaul their outdated ecommerce platform. Prior to working with OSF, Bouclair lacked a 360-degree view of their customers. Bouclair wanted to deliver more personalized experience for their customers, satisfy the expectation of multiple delivery options, and even allow shoppers to customize some of their products.

OSF Digital tackled these challenges by implementing Salesforce Commerce Cloud taking a mobile-first approach and connecting it among others to their OMS and a dedicated PIM system. OSF then integrated Bouclair’s existing Service Cloud with a Commerce Cloud and Marketing Cloud. Internal operational silos are eliminated and omnichannel capabilities are enhanced thanks to a single enterprise view of the consumer, across all platforms.

With full visibility of the customers’ data and behavior insights in Marketing Cloud, Bouclair is now able to not only personalize, but individualize their communication with consumers and unify the shopping journey across all touchpoints and channels.

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Bouclair has seen impressive results from the work that OSF has performed.

  • By leveraging in-store inventory and real-time pick-up information and the estimated time of arrival on each PDP, sessions with cart-adds on Bouclair’s website have increased by 55%.
  • With service agents now being able to quickly access complete customer profiles and provide more personalized support, from one single location, the company’s case efficiency has increased by over 30%.
  • The enhancements that allowed Bouclair to obtain a single view of the consumer to then trigger transactional emails from Marketing Cloud enabled Bouclair to create more effective cart recovery strategy and reduce their shopping cart abandonment rate by 3%.
  • “Bouclair is committed to delivering customer satisfaction, and this solution provides our support, sales and marketing teams with a solid platform to extend their activities. Having all our Salesforce Commerce, Service and Marketing Clouds communicate with each other helps us to better understand our consumers and provide them with richer shopping experiences. Fully leveraging OSF’s expertise in multi-cloud integration and knowledge of the most efficient use cases for the retail industry, helps us gain efficiency, save time and use the data we’ve obtained from our customer base in a way that enhances their journey on our website.”
    PETER GOLDBERG,President, Bouclair

Read more about the work we did for Bouclair here, and about the innovation award that we won here.

Becky Wright

Author: Becky Wright, VP Salesforce Alliance & Marketing

Becky’s background in corporate marketing, sales and leadership spans several industries including Media and Communications, Retail and Consumer Goods, Professional Services, Finance and Technology. With more than 15 years of worldwide experience in rapidly growing organizations, Becky plays a major role in integrating technologies and business processes to create demand engines that influence and convert growth. Becky’s passion for technology and B2B enterprise services inspire her to share unique perspectives on digital transformation strategies that deliver strong results and deep business intelligence.