Opportunities to Turn Up Customer Service for Grocers

Opportunities to Turn Up Customer Service for Grocers

OSF Digital Strategy is about to release the new 2022 Grocery Omnichannel Retail Index report featuring the findings from omnichannel benchmarks and best practices that food retailers need to know! Our consultants tested website, mobile, store, and cross-channel features and functions to find what’s helping drive revenue and create seamless customer experiences.

Customer service can come in many forms and our experts tasted several flavors of it during the shopping journey. Some simple touches made a positive impact on the experience but there were some gaps that should be addressed to put the cherry on top of customer service.

Being there for the customer and giving them options when they hit a “no search results found” message is important and can help reduce abandonment. It was surprising that only 13% of food retailers provide live chat, phone number, or email options for customer service to help the shopper. The overall adoption rate for retailers from different verticals in the 2022 Omnichannel Retail Index is 73%.

Opportunities to Turn Up Customer Service for Grocers

The best practice is to provide customer service information on empty search results so users can get help. Additionally, make sure you’re serving up popular products on empty search results so it’s not a dead end for the shopper.

While customer service options were low during a no results found search, food retailers did have a 70% adoption rate on offering operational communication options via SMS, which includes customer service, towering over the 23% of retailers in other verticals.

According to the 2022 Omnichannel Retail Index, 75% of retailers in other verticals offer live chat somewhere on their site, but the 2022 Grocery Omnichannel Retail Index found that grocers are lagging with only a 40% adoption of this popular feature. Another gap was found when it came to offering customer-generated Q&A on sites. Food retailers have a 12% adoption rate, trailing other retailer verticals which have a 40% adoption.

Opportunities to Turn Up Customer Service for Grocers

Example of customer-generated Q&A

Our shoppers identified an opportunity during a crucial decision point. Only 12% of food retailers offer live chat, phone number, email or click to call to reach customer service during checkout, well below the 56% adoption rate in other retail verticals.

Opportunities to Turn Up Customer Service for Grocers

Offering live chat or some way to contact customer service during checkout can help reduce abandonment

Food retailers can never underestimate the power of customer service. Solving customer issues during the shopping journey will go a long way to delivering a better shopping experience and repeat customers. Learn more tasty tips from the Grocery Omnichannel Retail Index mid-September and if you need help, contact us!

Kelly Gilmore

Author: Kelly Gilmore

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