How to Choose the Best Order Management Implementation Partner

How to Choose the Best Order Management Implementation Partner

So you’ve decided that an Order Management System (OMS) can help you quickly adapt and scale to new markets to drive revenue. You want to empower your service and sales teams to respond to increased orders quickly and efficiently. You want to swiftly unlock real-time order status updates while improving warehouse activity visibility. And now, you need an experienced OMS systems implementation partner to reduce your time spent on back-end work, position your company for growth and deliver great customer experiences.

Whether you are a B2B commerce business or a B2C retailer looking for ecommerce fulfillment, achieving ecommerce optimization for OMS is most easily and cost-effectively achieved with a specialized implementation partner who can configure solutions to meet your goals now and in the future. A good systems integrator will enable a faster time to revenue as sales and projects advance more quickly with an established roadmap. A valuable partner will support your business throughout the sales cycle, freeing your business up to sell while your partner helps manage the implementation, change management, and other project details.

Conversely, choosing the wrong systems implantation partner for inventory and order management software can give you an overestimated project that is too expensive or an underestimated project, resulting in higher costs, delayed timelines, and a loss of confidence in the company. Consider these five factors in your executive decision-making process as you search for a partner to move your organization to the next omnichannel order management maturity level.

5 Factors of a Respectable Salesforce Order Management Implementation Partner

1-Credibility:With a lot of competitive noise in this market, this is the first and arguably simplest item to examine critically. What is the vendor’s knowledge of order management systems integration, your industry, challenges, and goals? Does the systems integrator have the right team to deliver the right retail order management solution? What type of technical expertise and qualifications do they have?

To evaluate experience with similar projects and customers, you can investigate the awards or industry recognition the prospective vendor has earned in integrating Salesforce Commerce Clouds? A second credibility factor is their overall count of certified Salesforce professionals on their team and the length and depth of their global Salesforce Order Management experience. You can also ask about their Salesforce Order Management Customer Service rating.

2-Proven Order Management Experience: Although the household names of the ecommerce implementation world talk about their ability to go broad, find a systems implementation partner that goes deep instead of broad. You’ll want a global partner experienced in understanding the complexities of rolling out new initiatives of an order management platform to meet your revenue goals.

Deep experience translates into faster implementation times, like offering curbside pick up as fast as just two weeks, so ask to look at the roadmaps and timelines of some of your potential partner’s recent projects. (Let’s face it, everyone claims to be fast, but can they back it up with data?) Along the same lines, you want an implementation provider who has unique Salesforce connectors to solve problems—in other words, direct integration without middleware.

3-Personalized Attention from a Globally Diverse Team: You don’t want to be the last on a big system implementor’s list. And the right culture and language fit are just as important as any technology skillset. Look for a SOM implementation partner that speaks your language and matches your company culture, who can prioritize your business, give you personalized attention, and the order management solution you need. Look for a globally distributed team that is experienced working with international brands yet can be agile to any local demands if you are rolling out an enterprise order management software project.

4-Commerce Innovation: Look for a partner who can provide efficient order management workflows to respond fast to market demands. You’ll also want innovative out-of-the-box order management connectors that complement and extend SOM capabilities to provide an exceptional customer experience.

5-Long-term partnership potential: It’s common for vendors to focus on getting you in the door with a one-time deal—which may be cost-effective in the short run but painfully expensive over the long haul. Look for a systems implementation partner with a holistic approach: Even when implementing Salesforce Order Management in a strong economy, you need a good working relationship to future-proof your model to stay competitive and protected during lows and highs.

How to Find a Proven Salesforce Order Management Implementation Partner

When it comes to finding the right Salesforce Order Management implementation partner, you’ll want to find a team with a deep understanding of omnichannel journeys and proven expertise in building OMS roadmaps, including Lightning OMS. You’ll also want to find a partner who has a strong partnership with Salesforce that holds Salesforce-specific certifications.

  • Concerned about expenses and need to understand the ROI of an OMS roadmap?

    Choose an implementation partner whose order management solution will deliver better ROI and help increase your ecommerce sales by handling orders quickly and efficiently. Your company will reduce the time spent on backend work and leverage a substantially improved point-of-order tracking because of your partner’s order management experience.

  • Want to improve the post-sales experience with real-time order tracking and management for post-sale changes?

    Look for a premier systems integrator that can implement an OMS that will allow you to manage your customer relationships better, offer a substantially improved experience, and build long-term loyalty for your brand. You’ll want to find an OMS expert team with hands-on experience with top global brands that will help you improve order tracking and management for post-sale changes.

  • Ready to streamline systems with a multi-cloud approach to ensure a seamless data flow from all sources?

    Seek out an experienced systems integrator that can implement and integrate an Order Management Solution that will connect your warehouses, physical stores, ecommerce, and service systems for the most efficient operation possible. Find a team specializing in multi-cloud projects with a strong omnichannel background that can help ensure a unified data flow.

An OMS project can be a huge undertaking, but it doesn’t have to be painful if you select a systems integrator with deep technical experience in ecommerce order management software. OSF Digital, a top digital transformation specialist and leading global commerce solutions company, understands third-party integration and the gravity of working on a project that touches your entire tech stack. If you want to build and run a pain-free OMS that will help you deliver quick wins while working on technical complexities in the background, look no further.

Prepare Your Organization for Growth with The Stand-Alone SOM Assessment
OSF Digital’s expert team can perform a systems assessment in just one week to help you prepare the foundation you need for a stand-alone SOM implementation. OSF Digital can work with your team to determine what needs to be involved in an OMS implementation in your IT, service, commerce, sales, and marketing environment. Considering your integration, payment gateways, 3PLs, and customer service requirements, OSF Digital can also provide a roadmap to use as a launch point for your stand-alone SOM implementation.

The Stand-Alone SOM Assessment is perfect for organizations who

  • An accelerated project plan
  • Gap analysis and benchmarking (current to future state)
  • Identification of new business goals
  • Help to build a business case
  • Discovery fees credited back to the full project

Dive Deeper into OSF Digital’s SOM Expertise
OSF Digital partners with some of the world’s biggest brands by using their expertise to help get businesses on an OMS roadmap to provide a unified omnichannel experience for customers. Take the first step towards centralizing your systems to deliver personalized omnichannel experiences across all digital channels by learning how OMS works:

Roxana Matei

Author: Roxana Matei, OMS Technical Director, OSF Digital

With more than a decade of global technology experience, Roxana helps international brands achieve full omnichannel capability with best-in-class OMS solutions. Roxana’s background in building large-scale software applications and OMS solutions includes application development, solution design, and architecture on Salesforce and Microsoft technology stacks. As Technical Director, OMS Principal Solutions Architect at OSF Digital, Roxana plays an integral role in helping scale rapidly growing organizations to integrate technologies and business processes to future-proof their brands and maximize profits. Roxana’s passion for commerce solutions is demonstrated in numerous professional accreditations, including Salesforce Order Management Administrator, Salesforce Process Automation, and Salesforce Order Management Developer.