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Anna Petriv Wins the 2019 Women Worth Watching Award

Anna Petriv, OSF’s VP of Multicloud and Salesforce Alliance is the recipient of the 2019 Women Worth Watching Award by Profiles in Diversity Journal.

Anna Petriv, OSF’s VP of Multicloud and Salesforce Alliance is the recipient of the 2019 Women Worth Watching Award by Profiles in Diversity Journal. For 18 years in a row, the mission of this award is to identify, promote and support women in leadership and the organizations that employ them. This years’ edition recognizes 166 women who hold key positions across a variety of industries and acknowledges each one for their work to advance excellence in the workplace, marketplace and in the world.

Anna joins more than 2000 past award recipients, including Mary Barra, current CEO of General Motors; Lynne Doughtie, CEO of KPMG; Marillyn Hewson, CEO of Lockheed Martin; Michele Buck, CEO of Hershey’s; and Beth Mooney CEO of Key Bank. Being named as one of the Women Worth Watching is an impressive achievement in the business community. This award is a testament to Anna’s commitment to accelerating the commerce industry and her dedication to assisting brands around the world in becoming more customer-centric.

Her career path is impressive. With a master’s degree in computer linguistics and economics, she was working in the financial industry and decided that this wasn’t the right fit for her. The world of technology fascinated Anna and in 2010, she joined OSF. Anna became a Certified Consultant and worked with enterprise customers. This was a turning point in Anna’s career and since this time, her professional life became tightly bound with Salesforce.

”I am a strong believer in Salesforce and their platform, and it has been a joy to see them create more products and tools, opening possibilities to businesses.” – Anna Petriv, Local Presence, Global Expertise at Salesforce World Tour Boston, April 2016.

Anna was always looking to further her professional development. She put in an enormous effort to learn as much as possible about Salesforce’s powerful technology and streamlined her career to become a Product Manager for OSF UnifyCOMMERCE.

Having built the company’s Salesforce practice from the ground up, Anna then was named Salesforce Division Director. Resolved to share OSF’s global expertise in Salesforce solutions locally, Anna relocated to Munich, Germany and later to Boston to handle business development and product management, as well as strategy, client delivery and practice management.

It was thanks to Anna’s expertise and devotion that OSF received the 2016 Salesforce Partner Innovation Award in Retail.

”It’s great to work with Salesforce technology, but it’s even better to collaborate with Salesforce as a company. It’s great to have that special feeling when you start something new and challenging, but it’s even better to experience the moment when you feel pride and fulfillment for the great team that was built over the years, our achievements with customers all over the world and the spirit of doing it better every time.” – Anna Petriv, Anything is Possible, November 2016.

Presently, as VP of Multicloud and Salesforce Alliance, Anna is responsible for the overall strategy, development, and execution of OSF’s multicloud and UnifyCOMMERCE activities, and the coordination of OSF’s global Salesforce partnership efforts. Additionally, she sits on the Salesforce Global Consulting Partner Advisory Board and the Salesforce Commerce Cloud Partner Advisory Board.

Anna played an important role in helping OSF to become a Salesforce Platinum Consulting Partner. Thanks to her commitment, the company is the proud recipient of the 2018 Salesforce Lightning Bolt Trailblazer Award for Retail, the Salesforce France 2019 award in the category of ‘Trust’ for an ‘Innovative project and trusted collaboration with CSG-OSF Commerce,’ and the 2019 Partner Innovation Award in the category of Customer 360.

Her impressive career path is made up of clever decisions and smart risks. In an interview for Diversity Journal, she mentioned that she wouldn’t be able to get anywhere close to the executive position if she had let her fear keep her back.

“I firmly believe that fear kills more dreams than failure ever will – and being afraid to fail is not a trait exclusive to women. Things might not always go the way you planned, you might not get everything right the first time – but you can’t let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game. Have faith in yourself, learn from your mistakes, lean on your support system, take the leap.”

Anna is not one to shy away from a challenge and represents everything it means to be a strong woman. She conducts business in several languages, circumnavigates cultural norms and coordinates global cross-continental projects. Anna manages teams with grace, encouraging collaboration and out-of-the-box thinking.