Jean Luc Lim

An Interview with Jean Luc Lim, RCI Global Services

We recently caught up with Jean Luc Lim, founder and CEO of RCI Global Services, to obtain his unique perspective on the APAC marketplace and his belief in how a powerful order management system can help companies achieve commerce success in this region. He also talks about RCI’s close partnership with OSF, including a collaboration to develop OSF’s recent product innovation, Integrator for OMS Pro.

OSF Digital recently caught up with Jean Luc Lim, CEO of RCI Global Services after our successful Days of Excellence Event in Tokyo, Japan. We appreciated this opportunity to learn from Jean Luc and obtain his thoughts on the ever-changing and fast-paced APAC market. He also provided deep insight into the importance of an OMS system to ensure success within this region and shared details on RCI’s OMS Pro product and the company’s partnership with OSF Digital.

OSF Digital: Could you provide additional information about RCI Global Services. What are your company’s various capabilities?

Jean Luc Lim: RCI Global Services opened its doors in 2010 when I noticed the absence of IT expertise in the APAC luxury retail industry. The company has evolved into a leading retail consulting firm and IT solution provider that is specialized in superior IT architecture design, end-to-end project implementation and managed services for the international luxury retail industry – with a specific focus on the APAC region. We have a large, dedicated team that provides support for all of our Asia Pacific clients.

OSF Digital: Could you please tell us more about OMS Pro and what this solution does?

Jean Luc Lim: OMS Pro is an order management system and omnichannel platform that delivers a very professional and cost-effective solution tailor-made to meet a brand’s specific needs and goals.

OSF Digital: What inspired you to create this OMS system?

Jean Luc Lim: Initially, RCI was specialized in providing offline solutions for our customers – like POS and CRM solutions. In 2013, we noticed that ecommerce was quickly booming within the APAC region and then decided to transform our company into the O2O market – offline to online to provide an omnichannel solution. We discovered that to be able to link the online and offline, the middleware in between is needed. This is the OMS element, so we started to develop this OMS platform, OMS Pro back in 2014 to link online and offline. We immediately saw significant results in 2015 when our product went live with our first customer Pandora, and after that, with L’Oréal.

OSF Digital: Please describe the relationship between RCI and OSF Digital and how it has developed over the years?

Jean Luc Lim: OSF approached us in February 2017 and we immediately felt there was chemistry, so we started to work together in April 2017 as part of the Global Partner Alliance. In January 2018, we signed the joint venture partnership agreement and after that, everything moved quickly. We were invited to attend the Days of Excellence event in Toledo, Spain as well as the one held in Tokyo.

We have collaborated on several products together such as OSF’s Integrator for OMS Pro cartridge that was developed to connect Salesforce Commerce Cloud with our product, OMS Pro. Their out-of-the-box cartridge supports 18 languages including Japanese, Chinese and English as well as provides support for Japanese market localizations such as taxes, address validations, payments and promotions among other capabilities. OSF’s Integrator for OMS Pro brings omnichannel and unified commerce to the APAC region. With our combined talents, merchants now have better management of external warehouse stock through their ecommerce platform, gain fast data synchronization between the two platforms and can benefit from a streamlined process for managing customer data. Merchants gain a full 360-degree view of customer data that is synced to provide complete view of their order history, available stock and returns. With the solutions that OSF and RCI Asia have developed, shoppers now obtain a seamless customer experience when switching devices or moving from online to offline environments.

OSF Digital: How much of an issue or a challenge do you feel that it is for APAC-based businesses to install an OMS and how important is this for their success?

Jean Luc Lim: This region is not as mature as what is seen in U.S. or European markets. Two or three years ago, a retailer’s main focus was to just get online with an ecommerce website quickly to either compete with other brands or satisfy their customers. They didn’t take into account all of their various integrations and back-end systems. Years passed, their business grew, and they notice that they have serious limitations due to not having an OMS solution in place. They recognize that they’ve reached a certain size and how important it is to have an order management system in place to really orchestrate all of the orders within the different systems and meet the consumer’s needs – like omnichannel, click and collect, and more. Now the APAC market is starting to mature and there’s more demand for order management systems within this region.

OSF Digital: Specifically for the APAC region, do you feel that there is an advantage to be gained from having a solid OMS strategy?

Jean Luc Lim: One of the major issues in this region is that it is very complex because there are so many countries and there are many cross borders. There are no solid, professional order management solutions here in the Asia Pacific market compared to what’s available in the United States. Here, in each country, you can find a local vendor that can provide a localized OMS solution specific for the country, for example, one for China, one for Korea, on for Japan, but you can’t find a high-quality, global solution that covers multi-brand and multi-regions RCI discovered this gap early, and this is the reason why we strive to provide a solution for international retailers who don’t have just one shop in one specific country, instead they have shops all over and need a standardized solution. They don’t want to use 10 OMS solutions just because they are present in 10 countries. They want to have one single shared solution that covers all of this. OMS Pro solves this issue.

OSF Digital: How has your alliance with OSF Digital enhanced your efforts to bring OMS Pro to a wider audience?

Jean Luc Lim: This partnership with OSF is one of the most strategic and significant aspects in terms of the development of our solution because from day one when we built OMS Pro, we focused primarily on leveraging Salesforce Commerce Cloud. With OSF’s expertise, technical knowledge and strategic thinking, together we have created a scalable and powerful solution. We’re very proud and happy to have OSF Digital’s support.


Jean Luc Lim

Jean Luc Lim is the founder and CEO of RCI Global Services, which was launched in 2010 with headquarters in Hong Kong. He has extensive experience in e-commerce, order management, POS, and omnichannel. As the IT regional head of LVMH Group, Jean Luc managed more than sixty luxury brands in the Asia Pacific Region, and has over twenty years of senior management experience in information system and technology, as well as ten years in the LVMH Group in Europe and APAC.