Commerce Cloud Condensed - On Demand Sandboxes

Our regular look at Salesforce Commerce Cloud is all about On Demand Sandboxes this week.

What is it?

Currently you have the number of sandboxes that you signed up for as a client. These are the things developers use to develop new code for the site and the idea is one developer, one sandbox. You can also pay for more at a monthly rate.

This new method allows us to tear up and tear down sandboxes at will, meaning we only pay for what we use and we can scale up and down quickly depending on the level of projects and work.

Why do I care?

It will give either your internal team or your SI, or both, greater flexibility to do large projects while doing support or many projects at once, or accommodate some temporary resource for 2 weeks to help things along, etc etc, while keeping things cost effective.

What do I need to know?

Nothing yet. It's in pilot for US partners only, and will be generally available in 2019 (yep, vague but that's all I have!). 

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