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No matter what kind of company you operate, the regions in which you have an online presence, or the business goals you have, we will help you grow your brand online. We offer a full range of services enabling you to enhance your entire ecommerce ecosystem: site performance assessment, creation and implementation of tailored digital strategies for email and affiliate marketing, social media campaigns, and webmastering support and training.


Our Shop Management Solutions


Our certified specialists provide an on-demand custom audit and offer support for all your ecommerce efforts in every touchpoint of digital marketing. We analyze the results gained during the previous period, define successes and fails, and develop a plan for future optimizations on your KPIs according to these results.

Digital Marketing

Looking to enhance the performance of your digital store and better engage with your customers? OSF offers a custom digital marketing plan tailored to meet your business objectives. We recommend improvements on all the levels, starting from SEO, SEM and UX/UI. We are skilled in designing an email marketing strategy according to industry-defined best practices that to help you increase conversion rates and achieve greater revenue.


Treat your website to a full-scale audit provided by our experts. We assess the experience you are currently offering to your customers, as well as the results you’re generating from your online sales. We examine your existing email marketing tactics and evaluate your site’s overall performance within search engine results. By identifying your exact needs, we will propose solutions and offer any training necessary to help you deliver an optimized user journey and obtain better conversions in your marketing funnel.


Get access to the deep expertise and vast resources available from OSF’s team. Striving towards a win-win and based on your specific business goals, we create a plan with the aim to improve the user experience, increase customer loyalty, and promote your products through intelligent marketing campaigns – all with the goal of boosting sales.

Training in the Ecommerce

Are you taking full advantage of the capabilities of your online platform? OSF’s consultants offer training in Salesforce Commerce Cloud Business Manager according to your needs, knowledge and day-to-day operations. With a focus on the end-to-end performance of your website, we’ve developed trainings in mostly all the digital tools a marketeer would use, such as but not limited to Google Analytics and AdWords, so you can be fully prepared to optimize and leverage the features of your online solution.

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OSF Digital Provides
End-to-End Digital Marketing
Services & Business Manager
Webmastering for ars mundi

OSF helped art vendor ars mundi launch complex marketing campaigns, improve their merchandising efforts, and personalize their customer’s experience in targeted international markets.

OSF Digital Becomes the First
Company Trained by Salesforce
Commerce Cloud in the Advanced
Business Manager Program

Learn how we help retailers take full advantage of Salesforce Commerce Cloud Business Manager’s capabilities and improve their ecommerce workflows for better sales

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