Digital Transformation Fuels


Whether B2Bs need an entirely new ecommerce platform, replatforming services for existing systems or custom development work across Salesforce clouds, the process of transforming to meet market demands is critical.

Our results prove digital customer experiences and integrative sales channels are the top B2B indicators of growth in 2020 and beyond. Investing in B2B commerce can drive an organization’s people, process, and technology to survive in the digital age.

Finding the Right Provider to Configure Solutions to Meet Your Goals

To build the right solution to achieve commerce excellence, brands need to find a specialized partner. As a leading global commerce solution and digital transformation company, OSF Digital provides technology, consulting, implementation and online shop management to emerging and premier brands such as L’Oréal, Kiehl's, Giorgio Armani, Kal Tire, Urban Barn, among others. Brands find OSF’s credibility, proven multi-cloud commerce approach, deep experience, and fast implementation delivery as the right specialty mix to handle complicated multi-faceted business initiatives.

OSF’s Salesforce certified consultants work closely with brands to understand requirements; then leverage the full capabilities of a Salesforce solution and align it with business objectives. OSF studies any existing platform solution and uncovers pain points or hidden opportunities, then propose any necessary improvements to bring a brand closer to achieving goals using Salesforce Commerce, Service, Sales, Marketing and Community Clouds.

When B2B ecommerce is connected to one integrated CRM platform, a brand captures a holistic view of the customer via the centralization of data from marketing, sales, IT, commerce and service for a single, shared view of each customer. OSF’s solutions provide access to customer data to create strategic opportunities for B2Bs to craft a better customer experience through increased personalization.

OSF Digital’s omnichannel solutions offer B2Bs the following benefits:

  • Get to Market Faster and Generate More Revenue while Reducing Costs
    B2Bs can capture more B2B ecommerce opportunities by deploying in weeks—not months or years. Streamlined online buying specially designed for B2B includes fast reorders, account hierarchies, contract pricing, and custom catalogs.
  • Empower Customers with Self-Service Buying
    B2Bs can empower their business customers with an easy consumer-like shopping experiences they enjoy in their personal life—anytime on any device – and purchasing recommendations are tailored in real-time.
  • Optimize B2B Daily Functions with a 360-Degree Customer View using Scalable Systems
    B2Bs can stock the shelves of their retail stores and enable online ordering of replacement parts to meet the needs of distribution or wholesale partners. B2Bs can leverage customer data across multi-channels like sales, marketing, and service, allowing B2Bs to engage with buyers in any digital or in-person touchpoint.
  • Enable Channel Partners to Create Branding Sites/Portals
    B2Bs can help partners grow by creating branded sites and intuitive digital portals that B2Bs design and launch quickly. B2Bs can build customer loyalty faster and ensure repeat business with guided buying experiences customers enjoy that are fast, efficient, and personal.


Whether B2Bs need an entirely new ecommerce platform, replatforming services for existing systems or custom development work across Salesforce clouds, the process of transforming to meet market demands is critical. To build the right solution and to achieve commerce excellence, B2Bs need to have a specialized partner. With a credible implementation partner, B2Bs poised for the most ecommerce success will be those who balance human and digital automation and maintain a nimble approach to augmenting a customer’s journey for future success.

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