Leverage a robust B2B ecommerce solution

Are you looking to:

Open a digital B2B sales channel
Offer enhanced B2C-like customer experiences
Build personalized buyer journeys
Offer a self-service option to your customers
Streamline ordering
Implement account-based pricing
Offer split shipments
Offer contract pricing
Increase subscription sales
Optimize B2B site functionality and performance
Add new ecommerce features
Have 24/7 ecommerce support

In the digital era, B2B companies can no longer rely on face-to-face interactions as their primary or only sales channel. We will help you enhance your existing ecommerce presence or launch a feature-rich customer portal with robust self-service capabilities, and help you sell online to your corporate buyers with greater efficiency.


How OSF Digital can help you succeed with B2B Commerce

All-in-One B2B Commerce – From implementation to B2B Commerce
as a Service

Generate more revenue with Salesforce B2B Commerce, a robust B2B ecommerce technology, built natively on Salesforce. Solve B2B commerce complexities by simplifying the online buying process—with functionality and features tailored specifically to the demands of B2B clients. OSF has the experience to ensure that your company can fully leverage B2B Commerce and make it perform to your exact specifications. Rely on our team of experts to implement a B2B ecommerce platform and provide the highest level of technical support for your B2B website. We will help you maintain the proper functionality of all your systems, prevent performance issues, keep your B2B customer portal updated, as well as set up the secure infrastructure that continuously drives sales.


Leverage a robust B2B ecommerce solution

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Into Our B2B Commerce Expertise

Streamlining Service & Operations With A Mobile App

After the merger of three companies into a single entity, CCEP wanted to leverage a native iOS app to help their sales representatives manage their daily tasks and become more efficient in selling products to their customers. Read their entire success story.

Driving Sales Growth with B2B Commerce

SOLARWATT wanted to be able to sell products directly from its website and not from their competitors’ sites. The company sought to offer an enhanced customer experience that allows customers to place orders from any device. We delivered them a B2B commerce website that solved all their needs.

Positioning emerce For B2b Commerce Success

emerce was looking for a long-term implementation partner to help them extend their existing B2B shop in an agile way, as well as launch several new projects based on the new B2B commerce solution. Find out how we helped emerce by implementing a robust b2b commerce solution.

Delivering Engaging Digital Experiences was looking to extend its existing business model of selling bikes via to consumers by reaching a broader audience through a B2B online bike leasing shop for corporate customers. Find out how we empowered to deliver a b2c-like shopping experience.

OSF Digital Delivers a Full-Featured Website Revamp for Kastas’ B2B Commerce Portal

Find out how Kastas is now empowered to deliver an enhanced customer experience with its B2B commerce portal, built on Salesforce Experience Cloud. The brand’s website received a full-featured revamp and now leverages robust ERP functionality.


What you can achieve with Salesforce B2B Commerce

Create branded sites and intuitive digital portals
Get to market faster
Offer simple, self-service online buying
Solve B2B ecommerce complexities
Empower your sales teams and provide access to real-time customer data
Stay connected across every touchpoint
Tailor B2B ecommerce
Provide personalized recommendations tailored to each customer in real time
Build customer loyalty and ensure repeat business
Empower your customers with self-service tools and guided experiences
Adapt to changing markets and customer needs faster
Streamline ordering, implement account-based pricing, and split shipments
Support contract pricing and custom catalogs
Increase subscription sales and ensure recurring revenue
Offer B2B2C connected and personalized experiences across all touchpoints

Lasting Connections & Deep Expertise

OSF Digital is an award-winning, certified solution and support partner for leading enterprise, ecommerce, CRM, OMS, and CMS technologies. Our proven experience and expertise with all Salesforce Clouds allows us to implement your Salesforce B2B Commerce solution quickly, adapt it to your needs, and provide you with any support you require to fully accommodate for the future growth of your business.

See our CLIENT SUCCESS STORIES and VIDEO SUCCESS STORIES to learn more about the solutions we’ve implemented using these technologies.

Salesforce B2B Expert Navigator

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As a Salesforce Navigator Expert in B2B Commerce, as well as B2C Commerce, Consumer Goods and Retail, OSF Digital possesses deep technical understanding and breadth of experience in implementing Salesforce products and proven industry expertise. We have over 550 Salesforce certifications and more than 40 certified cartridges, helping businesses grow and providing support throughout their digital transformation journey.

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