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Welcome to the OSF grocery resource center, aimed to supply you with the necessary resources to build your business case to launch or implement a robust, agile ecommerce solution to meet the needs of current and future demands

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Overcome Pandemic Challenges with Online Grocery Ecommerce Solutions

Now more than ever, ensuring technology in the supermarket industry is accelerating service and product demand to deliver better, faster results for customers is paramount to survival. The future of grocery in a digital world relies on rapid ecommerce innovation to provide consistent, personalized experiences for customers from every touchpoint. The online grocery shopping industry is expected to grow in all markets worldwide up to $354.2 billion next year to meet customer expectations in the pandemic.

COVID-19’s worldwide outbreak served as the tipping point for the grocery retail market to realize the importance of a reliable commerce cloud marketplace solution. When the need for complete transparency in their supply chain and inventory became critical for business continuity, retailers realized they had real issues. Grocers experienced numerous challenges that revealed the full impact of not having an ecommerce platform or the vast limitations of their existing technology.

Today’s bottom line: Research shows the winners in e-grocery will be those that deliver a great and consistent customer experience the fastest.

Are You Facing Similar Challenges?
  • Did COVID-19 regulations decrease the number of customers who can shop in your store?
  • Do you have the ability to offer shoppers a place to order online?
  • Is it increasingly difficult for you to take advantage of distributed inventory or high- volume orders?
  • Are you struggling with difficulties in speeding up the order placement for shoppers?
  • Are you able to offer the ability to pick, pack, and ship an order?
  • Are you suffering from not being able to schedule pick-up orders in advance?
  • Do you long to create a reliable and continuous customer experience journey?
  • Is your ecommerce platform stable, reliable, and integrate well with shipping apps?
online grocery
How Does an Ecommerce Digital Transformation Work? Take a Peek…

As customer behavior changes, there is only one way to catch up on long- predicted ecommerce trends to meet needs quickly: Grocers need to consolidate their processes—with a robust but straightforward ecommerce solution to meet the needs of today, and the future your customers demand.

Take a look at the modern, scalable solution with a low TCO and solid ROI that one independent grocery/convenient store implemented to unify and improve their operations. The process, which ultimately encompassed 1,500 stores, 250k products with 400 monthly active promotions, increased the store’s average monthly revenue to $43M. Discover how OSF Digital built a responsive website that improved customer satisfaction and boosted sales:

Case Study

independent Grocery & convenience stores
Registered Customers
buy image
  • Responsive website
  • Improve Customer service
  • Increase online audience
  • Boost sales
  • Unified view of customer data
  • Positive & personalized customer experience
  • Full range of payment options
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Improve delivery process
  • Implemented Salesforce Commerce Cloud
  • Tailor made architecture
  • Price Book management
  • Content management
  • Store-specific data management
  • Dynamic customer groups for each store
  • Customers reviews
  • Payment solutions
  • Tag manager solution
  • Customer journey analytics
  • Integration between proprietary systems
Increase in
More Visits
per Week
$ 43M
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Current Hot Topics for
Grocery Providers

Consumer Behavior Shifts & Trust

Are you aware a Nielsen investigation identified six key consumer behavior threshold levels that tie directly to concerns around the COVID-19 outbreak? The thresholds offer early signals of spending patterns, particularly for emergency pantry items and health supplies, and we see these patterns mirrored across multiple markets. In the short term, intensified demand from consumers will require manufacturers, retailers, and other related industry players to communicate why their products and supply chains should be trusted. In the longer term, as COVID-19 continues to influence consumer markets, the impact of how shoppers evaluate purchases, and the benefits that they see are vital factors to consider.

Learn more about
Key Consumer Behavior Thresholds
Data Unification

In addition to using a reliable ecommerce marketplace management system, broadening transparency in supply chain and inventory, the online grocery shopping industry also needs to meet consumers whenever and wherever they are, offering a shopping experience tailored to their individual needs. Grocery retail markets can deliver cohesive, personalized marketing by unifying data. The challenge? The supermarket industry is obtaining data from an average of 16 data sources, a 60% increase in just two years. How can you unify and grow faster?

Learn more about
Data Unification
Ecommerce Platforms

Where does your ecommerce platform rank? When it comes to providing a stable and reliable platform for merchandising and marketing, experience management, multi-site management and location, digital commerce extensions, AI-powered recommendations, and order management, nothing compares to the power of Salesforce Commerce Cloud. Online multi-vendor grocery marketplaces, like the large grocery chain ecommerce platforms currently running Salesforce Commerce Cloud, can use process automation tools like order fulfillment, payment capture, and invoices with supply chain workflows that easily integrate with an organization’s existing systems to maximize efficiency.

Learn more about
Salesforce Commerce Cloud

Reimagine Your Ecommerce
Delivery and Learn How to
Compete Successfully in the
Digital Economy

Discover the future of global online grocery markets and how you can enhance the consumer experience at every step of the shopping touchpoint. Also, learn…

  • The Number 1 reason grocery retailers must move offline brick-and-mortar stores online or modernize ecommerce systems fast to ensure viability.
  • How the latest technology enables retailers to meet grocery customer expectations to create different shopping lists, browse extensive product categories, including packing instructions, and more.
  • The latest worldwide online shopping consumer behavior trends and what they reveal about future online growth.
How Ecommerce Grocery Solutions Can Help You Get to Market Faster, Generate More Revenue and Reduce Costs
  • Inventory/Supply Chain Management

    Facilitate brand and channel partner collaboration with shared tools, integrated planning, and strategic budgeting

    Offer relevant and personalized digital experiences for buying and engaging channel partners

    Manage inventory in multiple, concurrent units of measure and inventory formats

  • Order Management

    Visually manage workflows with automate order fulfillment, payment capture and invoices with supply chain workflows

    Customize logic behind workflows with simple drag-and-drop tools

    Process payments

  • Sales/Operations

    Know and grow your audiences using AI-powered insights

    Deliver hyper-relevant messages throughout the customer journey

    Offer seamless commerce experiences and integrated customer support to turn your buyers into brand advocates

    Expand your social marketing capabilities to take your brand’s social presence to new heights

    Power your multichannel marketing with customer journey maps

  • Pricing & Promotions

    Automate processes for accurate delivery and payment

    Manage complex customer pricing to accommodate contractual pricing details

    Handle promotional pricing issues connected to physical logistics Implement automated price optimization based on demand

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Case Study

Replatforming a Grocer’s Legacy System on a Flexible Ecommerce Platform Enables Unification, Growth, and Consistency

OSF Digital specializes in designing grocery ecommerce solutions that unify customer data, creating strategic opportunities for online grocery markets to craft better customer experiences through increased personalization. As a thought leader in commerce, OSF Digital’s implementation, and digital transformation successes among the supermarket and grocery industry are award winning. OSF Digital routinely creates platforms processing peak-hour averages of 10,000 orders per hour, 30,000 sessions per hour, 50 items per order for an average value of $134 per customer.

When OSF Digital completes website revamps, the monthly results speak for themselves: garnering 350,000 orders, attracting 1.4M visitors, with an average of 400 promotions. OSF was an invaluable partner to a large retail market needing to scale, stabilize, and grow ecommerce efforts. Check out our supermarket results:

  • Microsoft Commerce Server e-business platform wasn't flexible enough to meet the company's business needs and keep up with the company's growth.
  • The company sought to bring consistency to its digital system by unifying its tools and processes.
  • Company needed a strategic partner to successfully re- platform, deploy, support, and maintain its ecommerce program and replace the various existing solutions it had in place.
  • To help the company reach its desired technical goals in terms of scalability, stability, and web performance, OSF Digital: implemented a new flexible and scalable Salesforce Commerce Cloud - based ecommerce solution.
  • Implemented a one-page checkout.
  • Replaced company's legacy ecommerce platform and implemented a new flexible and scalable Salesforce Commerce Cloud - based ecommerce solution.
  • Enabled the management of multiple brands within a single site.
  • Integrated a variety of third- party solutions and company's existing back-end systems with the new ecommerce site.
  • Assist company with the onboarding of its technical team and educating them on Salesforce Commerce Cloud.
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salesforce service cloud
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OSF Digital is Winner of the 2019 Bolty Award for Best Digital Experience in the Retail and Consumer Goods category, the 2019 Partner Innovation Award in the category of Customer 360, the 2018 Salesforce Lightning Bolt Trailblazer Award for Retail and Salesforce’s 2016 Partner Innovation Award in Retail, the company provides technology, consulting, implementation and online shop management services to emerging and premier brands, and merchants focused on building Multi-Cloud and Unified Commerce projects using Salesforce Clouds and other top-tier cloud technologies such as Sitecore and Adobe.
More Useful Insights into the Online Grocery Industry

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Customer Behavior Tracker
Smart Order Refill
How Our Customers Benefit from Us

A major consumer goods company in the United States, provider of quality chicken, food gifts, pork, lamb, and other great meats, was operating in a B2B- only business model and its existing ecommerce solution wasn’t set up to sell directly to consumers. The company sought to expand its business through the adoption of a DTC ecommerce model.

To meet the company’s need to quickly open a new distribution channel to start selling direct to consumer, OSF launched a fully-branded DTC digital storefront powered by Salesforce Commerce Cloud in just 5 months, with custom features and functionalities specific to the consumer goods industry.

The move towards obtaining an ecommerce presence rapidly helped the brand better withstand the challenges of the pandemic and continue selling to their clients online, compensating for their traditional B2B business model that was fast declining, due to social distancing.


L’Oréal Canada Active Cosmetics Division (ACD) includes brands that meet a wide range of different skincare needs from normal to blemish-prone.

OSF Digital worked to develop ACD Core, which is a deep-customization of LORA – the solution OSF helped to create which customized Salesforce Commerce Cloud specifically for the beauty market. Using ACD Core, L’Oreal Canada’s capitalizes on a central hub that leverages standard functionalities shared across all brands, in both English and French.

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