The Future of Global Online Grocery Markets

The Future of Global Online Grocery Markets

Now more than ever, ensuring that technology in the supermarket industry is accelerating service and product demand to deliver better and faster results for customers, is paramount to survival. COVID-19’s worldwide outbreak served as the tipping point for the grocery retail market to realize the importance of digital transformation and the use of a reliable ecommerce platform, as well as the critical business continuity need for complete transparency in their supply chain and inventory.

Our updated whitepaper from OSF Digital provides the latest insights on how the grocery retail industry can leverage the benefits of a commerce cloud solution to power up for successful outcomes during economic storms.

Download our free white paper on “The Future of Online Global Grocery Markets” to find out about:

  • The Number 1 reason grocery retailers must move offline brick-and-mortar stores online or modernize ecommerce systems fast in order to ensure viability.
  • Learn the latest worldwide online shopping consumer behavior trends and what they reveal about future online growth.
  • Understand how the latest technology enables retailers to meet grocery customer expectations to create different shopping lists, browse extensive product categories, include packing instructions, and more.
  • Find out how the 6 critical website features for online grocery stores can boost your business: curbside pickup, repeat orders, shareable cart, abandoned cart recovery, recipes and ingredient lists, coupons.
  • Discover Fast Commerce Grocery, a custom solution based on Salesforce Commerce Cloud enabling global retailers to expand digital capabilities at a lower cost and reduced time-to-market.
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