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A Fully Optimized Omni-Channel Experience

Browns Shoes is a family-owned business established in Montreal in 1940. The fashion footwear retailer owns and operates more than 65 retail stores throughout Canada and has a strong ecommerce presence.

Given Browns Shoes’ vast product selection, holding full inventories at each location was just not an option. To provide outstanding customer experiences with fast order fulfillment Browns Shoes needed accurate, continually updated information, and the ability to leverage merchandise from any location - immediately. Browns Shoes needed a distributed order management system with real-time inventory visibility, optimized order routing, and advanced hub and spoke retail operational capabilities. The system needed to process transactions from any order source quickly, and had to bring together multi-line orders to designated locations for order pickups or single box shipments.

“This implementation will enable us to stay at the forefront of omnichannel retail for years to come. Having solid and reliable partners like OSF Digital& OrderDynamics ensures that we are able to provide our shoppers with exceptional experiences regardless of how they choose to shop with us.”

Director of Ecommerce

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Maximizing Order Management

OSF Digital and Order Dynamics worked to seamlessly interconnect Dynamic Order Management (DOM) technology with 5 different retail systems into a single unified commerce solution. The work performed by OrderDynamics and OSF lays the groundwork for Browns Shoes’ future plans for leveraging the Order Consolidation feature included in this implementation.


Browns Shoes has gained greater efficiency in its stock management and order fulfillment processes. In so doing, the company has given its customers the power to shop seamlessly across channels.