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Connected commerce goes beyond omnichannel—it’s not about the channels, it’s about the consumer. By bringing technology together in an intelligent way, we provide businesses with the best possible outcome for customer engagement, inventory and order management, pricing, service, and support. Consolidating all consumer data across channels with multi-cloud and cross-cloud strategies is the ultimate goal to strive for in achieving unified commerce success.


of Connected Commerce

Connected Experiences

By placing the customer at the center, brands will achieve new engagement models that bring together service, marketing, commerce, community, and more. The customer’s engagement with the brand reflects an understanding of past actions, product usage, and a host of other personalized factors. Customer interactions from the brand’s website translate to their mobile app experiences and in-store visits.

Personalized Engagement

Using audience segmentation, customer data can be activated across marketing, commerce, service, and beyond. Segmentation capabilities will allow brands to identify specific groups of people to engage with in real-time, based on demographics, engagement history, and all other available customer data.

Call Center Turned into
a Profit Center

Faster time to resolution for customer inquiries and a better overall service experience is achieved thanks to the right information at the right time. Increased up-sell/cross-sell is directly linked to service agents, who can make informed product suggestions based on the customer’s interaction history.

Data Unification

Brands will be able to unify their customer data to create rich customer profiles. This includes known and unknown data such as cookies, customer first-party IDs, and more. Centralized inventory management results in presenting the right product to the right customer, online or in-store.

Optimization Based on AI Insights

With AI, brands will be able to analyze and understand how and when to engage with customers to drive loyalty and improve business performance. Customer profiles are continuously updated, based on behaviors which allow brands to leverage AI to drive the most relevant mix of product/channel recommendations to optimize engagement and customer satisfaction.

Insightful Analytics & Reporting

By understanding past and present customer behaviors, brands can use the findings to map a future relationship. Learn what happened, why it happened, what will happen, and what to do about it— with transparent, understandable AI models.


Our Multi-Cloud and Cross-Cloud Services

Create Unique Commerce Journeys with Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Engage more personally with your customers by adding Salesforce Marketing Cloud to your technology stack. We’ll develop a marketing strategy to fit your needs, help you transition to Salesforce Marketing Cloud, integrate it with your commerce, and manage and monitor your campaigns and platform for you.

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Deliver Personalized Digital Service with Salesforce Service Cloud

Build a customized digital service strategy that seamlessly matches your unique requirements. By replatforming to Salesforce Service Cloud and integrating it with your commerce, you’ll increase your customer support team’s efficiency and deliver personalized customer service. Leverage our evolutive maintenance services to keep your Service Cloud running smoothly.

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Leverage MuleSoft-powered Integrations

Enable connected commerce experiences quickly by leveraging MuleSoft’s API-led approach to integration. We’ll implement MuleSoft and customize it to your specific needs and help you get the most out of your MuleSoft investment by providing continuous support and maintenance services.

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Streamline Your Business with Salesforce Analytics

Rely on OSF to simplify and accelerate the technical side of your business. While we’re tracking data and delivering optimization programs that improve business KPIs—including conversions, revenue per visit, bounces and much more—you can focus on the business value behind the data we crunch for you.

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Trusted Salesforce Partner

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