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Guided Product Finder

Guided Product Finder is a standalone, highly customizable drop-in cartridge for Salesforce Commerce Cloud that is SFRA and SiteGenesis certified, and provides merchants with a simple, yet interactive way for their customers to find the right products online. Shoppers are presented with the best products to meet their specific needs. For any apparel, footwear, or even automotive business, this can simplify the path to purchase and leave consumers with a positive impression of your brand, reducing the likelihood of returns.

Guided Product Finder helps merchants provide an experience like being engaged by a salesperson. Online shoppers need guidance on finding what they want, just like brick-and-mortar stores.

Guided Product Finder has received the Storefront Reference Architecture (SFRA) Certification from Salesforce Commerce Cloud.

Main Features

  • SFRA ready


    The cartridge is compatible with both SiteGenesis and Storefront Reference Architecture (SFRA). Guided Product Finder is also Composable Storefront Compatible.
  • flexible reliable

    Flexible responses

    Customers can navigate through questions without a fixed flow, choose from single or multiple answers, and even start the quiz over if they wish. Merchants are able to set a minimum or maximum number of selected answers for a question.
  • customized quizzes


    You can customize the quiz interface and edit every piece of content within the quiz, such as changing colors, moving the buttons around, and changing the question labels. You can also add images to questions or answers to make your quiz more engaging.
  • inline results


    With the new inline results, shoppers can view the product recommendations right below the quiz without having to leave the page and go straight to checkout!
  • Accordion quiz rendering


    There are two types of quiz rendering- Legacy and Accordion. In the accordion- it shows the customer subsequent questions and the answers selected.
  • OUC DW icon 6

    Choose your flow

    Four flows are available when creating a quiz: Linear flow - the previous question doesn't affect the following questions and gathers all answers until the end, Decision-based flow - a question influences either the next question that’s displayed or the answer. Reactive Quiz- Is a combination of 1&2- it keeps the order if the questions while at the same time each answer affects the subsequent questions. Counting Quiz: It combines question rules (guided progression) and quiz rules (directional outcome) for seamless advancement and accurate final results.
  • Multi-language localization


    Merchants are able to create quizzes in multiple languages, customize and localize them to particular regions. The storefront quiz detects the current locale and requests the appropriate localized information. Quizzes support localization so using the same quiz on multiple locales is made possible.
  • quiz listing page


    The new quiz management page is very easy to use and simple in order to edit/delete or add new quizzes and view them all in one location.
  • product recommendation


    You are able to map a single product as the quiz result, or you can choose to display multiple items (in the form of a carousel). This is how you exponentially increase recommendation flexibility and help customers explore your website more.


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