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Designing Experiences to Meet Mobile Behavior

To be successful at taking a customer-centric approach, it’s all about keeping pace with evolving customer expectations and meeting them where they’re at — and today, they’re mobile. Digital nomads are always-on. Whether they’re seeking product information, splurging on a spur-of-the-moment gift, or engaging with your brand on social media — mobile is a vital component of the buyer’s journey. Customers want to be able to take advantage of special offers, receive notifications, and purchase items directly from their mobile devices — and they expect brands to provide unique and personalized experience at all times.

Brands do not get any breaks or concessions when it comes to customer experience. The future of mobile is now, and it’s evolving quickly.


Our Mobile Solutions

Consulting &
Performance Analysis

We begin by analyzing your current situation, and then help you to choose the right mobile strategy to generate results. Our consultants collaborate with you to create a solid plan to maximize returns on your mobile investment. We monitor and measure how our proposed strategy performs and recommend adjustments to ensure you gain the most from your efforts.


A native mobile application helps you personalize shopping experiences, gather insights on your customers and deliver information about product features, prices, and promotions. Transactions are increasingly being made from mobile devices using branded native apps that go beyond the traditional responsive mobile site. By taking into account your buyer’s needs, a custom-built app will ensure your brand is top of mind.

Mobile First
Native Framework

OSF’s ecommerce mobile accelerator is our first standalone mobile framework fully integrated with Salesforce Commerce Cloud’s powerful infrastructure, for a fast and simple way to boost mobile revenue. To extend your existing application—simply add our framework to your current app, or build your mobile experience on top of it. Our team has the expertise to help you create rich content applications with m-commerce capabilities that will boost your revenues and increase client awareness.

Native Application

We work within your existing environment – without disrupting your operations. We’re experienced in native mobile app development that increase user adoption and improve the overall experience. Our team creates reliable technology architecture plans and user interfaces to support your mobile solution.


In addition to implementing UX and UI best practices, improving usability, speed and performance, we optimize your mobile solution to generate results. We’ve worked on projects in a variety of industries and have an extensive background in all areas of mobile application development services. No job is too complicated for our team.

& Adaptive Design

OSF Digital creates high-quality, branded and user-friendly responsive mobile sites to fit all devices and browsers—saving you significant costs and resources. Go where your customers are – and today, they’re mobile. With a greater number of buying decisions being made online- your site must be available across multiple devices. Don’t leave anyone behind!.


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Into our Mobile Solutions Expertise

Armani Drives an Immersive Brand
Experience with an Elegant Online

Learn about how world-renowned cosmetics and fragrance brand Armani increased their mobile conversion rate and time on site as well, as reduced cart abandonment – all while remaining true to their brand essence with a 'beautifully executed' ecommerce website from OSF Digital.

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