The Why and How of Designing a Multi-cloud, Omnichannel Blueprint

Are you looking to:

Identify market growth opportunities
Improve customer satisfaction
Increase revenue from all channels
Optimize integration between online and offline operations
Unify online and in-store inventory
Obtain a real-time view of inventory from all selling points

Connected commerce experiences never happen by chance. It’s a process that involves the right mix of expertise and out-of-the box thinking, underpinned by a clear strategy. Our multi-cloud and omnichannel advisory team will help you develop the right digital roadmap for your unique business needs and provide continuous support throughout your entire commerce lifecycle. Reap the benefits of a fully-integrated shopping experience by uniting user experiences, from brick-and-mortar to mobile browsing and everything in between.


Our Multi-Cloud and Omnichannel Consulting Services

Change Management and Company Organization Alignment

Change isn’t easy. By helping you create and implement a change management strategy, we’ll properly set up your business for the right multi-cloud and omnichannel strategy. The plan will encompass both your online and offline operations to bring everything in alignment. We’ll provide you with a strategy that includes not only an operational and technological perspective, but also an overall company organization perspective. For example, we can help you set up sales bonuses for ecommerce and store employees or design organizational changes to support your customer service.

Multi-cloud and Omnichannel Deployment Strategy

You’re ready to go multi-cloud and omnichannel, but you don’t know where and how to start. Based on your immediate priorities, our experts will build your entire deployment plan that will include the timeline, cost, resources, and more. We’ll work with you to define your priority regions for the deployment plan, as well as determine new target markets, industries, and lines of business to explore (B2B commerce or B2C commerce). As part of the multi-cloud strategy, we’ll also train your teams in using your technology stack at the maximum capacity, so you’ll be able to easily take ownership of your commerce operations.

Client Data Mapping

We’ll help unify your customer data from all your systems to create rich customer profiles so you can make better business decisions. This data includes known and unknown information such as cookies, customer first-party IDs, and more. Combining it with centralized inventory management, we’ll help you present the right product to the right customer, online or in-store. Customer profiles are continuously updated based on behaviors that allow you to leverage AI to drive the most relevant mix of product and channel recommendations for optimized engagement and customer satisfaction. By understanding past and present customer behaviors, you will be able to use the findings to map a future relationship.

Process Optimization

With optimized processes, you’ll be able to operate more efficiently and effectively. We’ll establish for you a logistics strategy for your omnichannel operations, from delivering to a customer’s address to arranging for a store pickup. To ensure your customers have the help they need, we’ll devise a customer support strategy, which can include a call center, ticketing system, the ability to place orders on behalf of customers, live chat and more. Our advisory team can recommend customizations of your payment system so you can select the best strategy for payments, and the right payment providers for every region, as well as work with you in generating a promotions and communications strategy to best reach and engage your customers.

Reports and Analytics

Reports are valuable tools to help you reach or improve your results. Our consultants will advise in setting up the right reports so you can quickly identify market growth opportunities, gain a competitive advantage, and increase your overall business profitability. We’ll help you get the data you need to make strategic business decisions based on a full understanding of your top performing products and markets. By understanding your customers’ behaviors, you can build better relationships for lasting loyalty. We’ll guide you in identifying and tracking the correct KPIs so you can learn what happened, why it happened, what will happen, and what to do about it with transparent, understandable AI models.


Define the right commerce strategy today

Multi-cloud and omnichannel strategies created around all major platforms and technologies:

Salesforce B2C Commerce Cloud
Salesforce Einstein
Payment solutions
Salesforce B2B Commerce Cloud
Order Management Systems
Clienteling application
Salesforce Service Cloud
Content Management Systems
Loyalty programs
Salesforce Sales Cloud
Enterprise Resource Planning
Mobile applications
Salesforce Marketing Cloud
Commerce Products & Cartridges
AI and reporting dashboards
Salesforce Experience Cloud

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Trusted Salesforce Partner

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