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Points to Cart

77% of customers are more likely to continue doing business with a brand that offers a loyalty rewards program.

Leverage Points to Cart, a SiteGenesis and Storefront Reference Architecture (SFRA) compatible cartridge for Salesforce Commerce Cloud, developed to help you create a loyalty program for your online store and strengthen your relationship with customers, through rewards and incentives.

Points to Cart helps you please your customers and encourages their continued engagement and activity on your site. Nudge them back to your grocery or retail store with a smart loyalty plan. In this way, you increase your customer lifetime value, decrease acquisition costs, and gain both recurring revenues and loyal brand advocates.

Main Features

  • SFRA ready

    SFRA compatible

    Compatible with Storefront Architecture Reference (SFRA), Salesforce Commerce Cloud’s new customization model & blueprint for site design.


    When creating an account, a user can choose to join the loyalty program. From their account, they are able to review relevant information related to their balance, date joined and current tier. They can also easily disenroll.
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    Ensure shoppers are aware that you offer a loyalty program by making it visible throughout the entire shopping journey on the menu, category page, product details page, checkout page and in the My Account dashboard. Customers receive instant pop-up notifications when points have been granted.


    Merchants can allow the shoppers to pay with the points they have accumulated. They can either pay part of the cost with points part with points entirely to cover the cost the product.
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    Customers can track their loyalty program activities with the help of a user-friendly client loyalty dashboard. The dashboard presents information about their available balance, pending balance, lifetime balance and current tier.
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    Loyalty points are granted after the shopper performs an action enrolls in the program, purchases a product, adds the product to the wishlist*, and/or shares the product on social media. Information about the various ways to earn points is presented in a dedicated area in the My Account section.
    *Getting points to adding products to a Wishlist is available only for the SiteGenesis version of Points to Cart.
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    Merchants can select what products or services can be purchased using loyalty points and make them available in the rewards catalog. Items can be shown in both grid and single product page formats. Shoppers can redeem their points by making purchases from the rewards catalog.


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