Boost Customer Satisfaction with a United Commerce Approach to Sales

Boost Customer Satisfaction with a United Commerce Approach to Sales

Customers of all ages have shifted to online channels, and businesses must quickly adapt to deliver a united commerce platform to offer customers omnichannel capabilities. But do you know where to start to position yourself for future success?

From January to March 2022, retail ecommerce sales in the United States hit almost $250 billion, the highest quarterly revenue in history— yet ecommerce still accounts for a mere 10% of total retail sales in the United States. This gap provides a wide opportunity for your business to capitalize on major behavioral shifts in online shopping.

Touchless delivery, Buy Online and Pick up In-Store, and curbside pickup are just a few ways modern customers expect to do business with B2B and B2C organizations. If your organization is ready to rethink its technology infrastructure and approach to attracting omnichannel customers, you won’t want to miss our free white paper. Inside you’ll find how to design a multi-cloud omnichannel blueprint:

  • Learn how to best launch channels that require new integrations to scale fast
  • Determine the value of flexibility and features to build technology stacks that last
  • Understand why data integrity matters—and what you can do to improve yours
  • Consider why scalability is so important for ecommerce survival
  • Uncover the benefits of a united commerce platform and learn how it can transform your omnichannel capabilities

Check out our free white paper, “Learn to Understand Growth to Future-Proof Your Business,” and discover how to boost your customer satisfaction with a united commerce approach to sales. Download it today!

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