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96%* of surveyed manufacturers expect digital commerce to drive revenue growth, but only 15% are implementing digital transformation.

Our latest white paper, “Complete Guide to Mature B2B Manufacturing Ecommerce Solutions” is a must-read for manufacturers who want to optimize their commerce technology to stay competitive and connect customer data throughout the entire supply chain.

Trend 1: Predictive Commerce: Data Makes B2B Smarter

This decade will see technology catching up to data, breaking down the silos between departments – accounting and operations, customer service and marketing, sales and, well … everyone. Read more about this in part 1 of the white paper.

Trend 2: B2B2C Commerce: Data Personalizes Purchase Experiences

From the moment your audience searches for a solution to the moment they buy from you and post reviews, you’re nurturing their entire B2B buying committee through their customer journey. And that’s what they want. We cover this in part 2 of the “Complete Guide to Mature B2B Manufacturing Ecommerce Solutions.”

Trend 3: Connected Systems: Life Gets Better for B2B Buying Committees

In part 3 of our white paper you’ll learn how commerce solutions simplify the buying process for buyers and sellers and save time and money. Your customers want and expect a seamless, predictive, and personalized experience, and 2020 is the time to deliver (or get left behind).

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