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Banking on Marketplace Communities to Serve Customers Well

The fintech market is projected to hit $460 billion by 2025, thanks to mobile banking’s digital adoption for payments and other bank apps. Europe is expected to have the fastest growth with 11.67% CAGR in the next five years. This explosive worldwide growth leverages banking institutions’ possibilities to offer third-party marketplace services and products as part of a bundled portfolio to meet customer preferences.

Retail banking industry experts believe when banks want to know how to build an online banking website, they will learn the value of using guided journeys. Guided journeys guide specific customer personas through predefined paths to help them find what they need online. These combined methodologies provide the consumer banking industry a more in-depth way to form relationships, increase brand loyalty, and ultimately create more conversions earning the trust of digitally-driven yet wary consumers.

Deutsche Bank, one of the world’s leading financial service providers based in Frankfurt, Germany, wanted to capitalize on fintech trends to deliver a new way to serve banking clients in a personalized and innovative manner. The bank is known for connecting business across borders and likes to engage with companies, investors, savers, and borrowers, generation after generation. One innovation the bank delivered using Salesforce retail banking features was connecting the next generation of entrepreneurs and investors through a mobile app-based community, using proven technology to position itself as a trusted partner. This mobile community enables the bank to promote events, encourage engagement, and identify peers with similar interests, creating value around their brand.

Today’s bottom line: Research shows that retail banking winners are those organizations that rethink their role and relevance to customers and adapt to a retail banking digital transformation, increasing customers’ trust to serve as a lifelong financial advisor.

Are You Facing Similar Challenges without Retail Banking Software Solutions?
  • Would you like your customer’s journey to be intuitive?
  • Would you match customer preference data to products and services if you had analytic insights?
  • Could you retarget visitors after they have left your web site if you had the technology?
  • Is your current process to apply for a loan through a third-party too complicated?
  • Do you lack a mixed solution between online and offline environments so customers can finalize business matters digitally?
  • Could a streamlined platform assist your acquisition process instead of jumping from two to three disparate systems?
Why You Should Build a Marketplace Bank to Reach Customers Better
How Do Digital Retail Banking Solutions Work?
Take a Peek…

The fintech wave of popularity in the global banking marketplace model is based on an aggregation of online products and services with similar characteristics presented to the customer as a set of offers. This retail banking software solution offers transparency, choice, and better pricing for customers who have lost faith in traditional banks and moved toward non-bank entities that value mobile-first intuitive user interfaces.

As customer behavior changes, there is only one way to catch up on ecommerce trends to meet needs quickly. Consumer banking institutions need to consolidate their processes through a retail banking digital transformation—using a robust but user-friendly ecommerce solution to meet today’s needs and anticipate the future your customers will demand.

Retail Banking Software Solutions

Where does your ecommerce platform rank? When it comes to providing a stable and reliable platform for merchandising and marketing, experience management, multi-site management and location, digital commerce extensions, AI-powered recommendations, and order management, nothing compares to the power of Salesforce Commerce Cloud and other Salesforce technology. Online multi-vendor marketplaces can use process automation tools like order fulfillment, payment capture, and invoices with supply chain workflows that easily integrate with an organization’s existing systems to maximize efficiency.

OSF Digital, the retail banking industry experts, transformed one international company specializing in automotive financing, insurance, and auto-related activities by expanding their ecommerce presence using Salesforce retail banking services. OSF Digital implemented four new fully functioning web sites with integrated CRM and OMS for four countries, entering a new vertical with different service offerings. The company implemented Salesforce Commerce Cloud and integrated it with Marketing, Sales, and Service clouds and included various third-party solutions, including Worldpay for payment and Zuora for billing and taxes. The result was four new, beautifully functioning websites rolled out over four months, reaching new customers in new countries every day.

Curious about retail banking website development? Learn how to bring customers and sellers together through a retail banking marketplace.

The Powerful Vision Behind
Digital Retail Banking Solutions

Match Products to Customer Needs and Move Processes Offline to Online
Offline to Online

The vision to create a wholly digital experience for customers will enable banking institutions to access their client database and provide helpful matches to third-party products from a customer’s profile. Retail banking industry experts say financial institutions should offer self-service retail banking features for potential and current customers to move cumbersome offline operations to a smoother online experience.

Retail Banking Features Create
Double Functionality
Double Functionality

1) When purchasing an internal banking product, an external product may be suggested. For instance, along with a bank loan, an insurance partner may be offered.

2) When accessing a marketplace community, a potential bank customer can buy an external product with an internal banking product. For example, a customer can bundle a high-dollar item such as a TV or phone into a banking loan.

How to Build an Online Banking Website

In real life, a customer’s experience with your brand is all about the journey. But the only way to bring that journey to life online in a meaningful way is through the use of a customer journey map.

When you prioritize retail banking features across all mediums, your brand can provide a customer journey map that influences the buyer stage of awareness to conversion and conversion to loyalty. Before building the journey map, retail banking industry experts advise you should develop customer persona journeys, an integral part of retail banking website development to drive sales and develop strong relationships with customers. Then create persona journeys—which leaves nothing to chance—and the buyer will follow predefined paths to assist with what they need.

Potential Customer
Contracting a Loan with Guided Sale

RBRC Customer
For instance:

Using a persona journey, a potential bank customer could be prompted by a Guided Sale Wizard, which will help choose the best product. The banking-industry-specific Wizard is available on the homepage as well as a shortcut in different sections. If the customer gets stuck, a “Loan Officer Assistance” prompt or “Need Help?” icon will be presented as an alternative to solve any issues.

Other retail banking customer personas for a retail banking digital transformation could include:

  • Third-Party Shopping Plaza Seller: An outside vendor who wants to develop a relationship with the bank and list its products/services in the banking marketplace.
  • Loan Officer: Bank employee who evaluates loan applications, recommends loan releases, monitors loan accounts, and market loan products.
  • Storefront Merchandiser: Bank employee that handles the Salesforce Commerce Cloud site, managing the product catalog.
  • Shopping Plaza Manager: Bank employee designated to manage all shopping plaza sellers, ensuring all data is in place, reviews products and policies before publishing, and create bundles using internal banking products and external products.
  • Quality Check Member: Bank employee that analyzes critical variables against internal/external rules and regulations, providing final approval.
Learn the Importance of Choosing a Trusted Implementation Partner
Large Insurance Company Replatforms to Improve User Experience and Launch Three New Products

Case Study

Large Insurance Company Replatforms to Improve User Experience and Launch Three New Products

When one of the LATAM region’s largest insurance companies wanted to learn how to build an online banking website, they came to OSF Digital. The retail banking industry experts at OSF provided upgraded digital functionality for its insurance client, who wanted to expand offerings to include travel insurance, portable equipment insurance, and home insurance as part of their retail banking website development.

first image

OSF Digital migrated the old content and implemented a new ecommerce website using Adobe Experience Manager and Angular for the front end. OSF’s automation test flow for each product was launched, saving time and money, reducing the number of potential problems with the site, and minimizing the amount of money spent resolving issues.

second image

The company now enjoys offering its customers a platform of new service offerings, and customers appreciate the highly intuitive, user-friendly sites. Employees can directly publish content on their site easily and quickly. The retail banking digital transformation speaks for itself in increased revenue and time spent engaging customers with new brands.

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OSF Digital is Winner of the 2019 Bolty Award for Best Digital Experience in the Retail and Consumer Goods category, the 2019 Partner Innovation Award in the category of Customer 360, the 2018 Salesforce Lightning Bolt Trailblazer Award for Retail and Salesforce’s 2016 Partner Innovation Award in Retail, the company provides technology, consulting, implementation and online shop management services to emerging and premier brands, and merchants focused on building Multi-Cloud and Unified Commerce projects using Salesforce Clouds and other top-tier cloud technologies such as Sitecore and Adobe.

Recommended Products for a
Salesforce Retail Banking

Ready to enhance your online bank’s capability? Check out the digital retail banking solutions OSF offers. When considering your retail banking digital transformation, the use of cartridges using Salesforce Commerce Cloud can address any complications at each stage of your conversion funnel.

Assist your customers in highly interactive ways to find the right products online with Guided PRODUCT FINDER.


Host helpful videos on product or service pages to help customers find what they need easier using VideoLIB, allowing you to manage your video library.


Integrate your blog and educate your customers about your products and services with BlogLINK.


Allow customers to find the closet store using geolocation service with Store LOCATOR.

Large Bank Launches a Responsive CMS-Based Website to Serve Customer Better and Save Employee Time

Case Study

Large Bank Launches a Responsive CMS-Based Website to Serve Customer Better and Save Employee Time

A bank with many branches throughout their country wanted to streamline its website for a more effortless, faster experience for both customers and employees. The company teamed up with OSF Digital, the retail banking industry experts, to address the slow, challenging process and architect a responsive CMS-powered website. The result? A solution that is easy for their team to update (leaving IT people alone!) and providing flexibility to create new content and pages quickly. The company believes the enhanced security methods for user management also makes the project successful.

  • Difficulty managing their time-intensive website
  • User authorization for specific functionalities was limited
  • Content management was a slow, challenging process requiring assistance from IT for updates
  • Flexibility was restricted when creating new content and web pages

OSF Digital developed a new CMS-based website using Adobe Experience Manager. The team performed custom work on this implementation using iFrame to ensure the site was fully responsive while respecting the request to use this specific format.

Tech Stack