Burton Snowboards


Burton Snowboards manufactures and provides snowboarding gear, apparel and related products for men, women and youth. It offers snowboards, boots, bindings, tools and accessories. Burton also provides backpacks, shoulder bags, travel bags, luggage, snowboarding gear bags, and specialty bags. The company is privately held and based in Burlington, Vermont. Burton markets their products through their own stores, partners’ stores, online dealers, and their online shops in North America, Japan and Europe.

Burton’s business has changed over the years from almost exclusively wholesale to a 60%/40% mix of wholesale and DTC, but its systems have not evolved with it. Burton’s executive team view the less-developed DTC side as a significant growth opportunity at this stage of the company’s lifecycle. The company launched their digital transformation in order to become a consumer-centric, digital-first retailer of the future. The company was looking to revamp their ecommerce, set up efficient service processes and achieve Customer 360 by gaining a 360° view of the customer across their systems, including Salesforce Commerce, Service and Marketing Clouds.

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Burton Snowboards


OSF Digital implemented Salesforce Service, Experience, and Marketing Clouds so Burton could benefit from a Customer 360, multi-cloud approach to their business. To help Burton enhance the customer service experience, we integrated Service, Commerce, Marketing and Experience Clouds. We added new case management channels and built a knowledge center for customers to self serve.

We also replatformed Burton’s ticketing system from Zendesk to Salesforce Service Cloud as the core customer relationship management platform. The company’s phone systems were migrated to Five9 CTI and integrated with Service Cloud. We integrated a Newstore POS system among other third-party technologies to enhance customer service capabiltiies. Social Studio has been set up for social publishing and engagement across multiple social channels.

Thanks to our Salesforce Customer 360, multi-cloud integrations, Burton gained a 360° view of the customer across all systems, enabling them to:

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Put their customers first and use data to understand what is propelling their journey with Burton

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Enable more cross-selling and upselling opportunities  

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Increase service team productivity by providing complete customer profiles in a single location

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Deliver a more personalized cross-channel and customer-driven service experience

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Optimize their processes and start aligning their service processes globally

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Reduce the number of systems used by having a single place of access for their service team

Burton Snowboards

Our Customer 360, multi-cloud approach ensures that all of Burton’s business needs are met and that their shoppers have an exceptional customer journey across every stage. They are now powered with a modern and scalable solution that can be customized to evolve with the company’s long-term needs and goals.