Marmot Implements One Page CHECKOUT and Customer BEHAVIOR TRACKER for Better Shopping Experience

March 29 | 2017

Outdoor clothing and sporting goods retailer explores shopping behavior and optimizes checkout processes with OSF Digital products

Québec City, Canada – MARCH 29, 2017 – OSF Digital, announced today that it has licensed its One Page CHECKOUT and Customer BEHAVIOR TRACKER software products to Marmot for the retailer’s Salesforce Commerce Cloud online stores, and These solutions enable Marmot to track every step of the customer-brand interaction, reduce time to purchase with a single-page checkout process and increase conversions.
 “Thanks to One Page CHECKOUT, we’ll be enhancing the shopping experience with a simplified checkout process, which will help us increase customers’ retention and reduce shopping cart abandonment,” says Jeff Milbourn, Director of eCommerce Technical Apparel at Marmot. 
OSF’s LINK certified checkout product allows the retailer to provide their customers with a quick and easy path to entering and modifying their orders. The accordion style design of the product that expands and collapses the checkout form makes the order information available for the customer on a single page, while the A/B testing feature enables retailers to measure different type of checkout performance.
The second adopted LINK certified product, Customer BEHAVIOR TRACKER, is an integration of Google Tag Manager with Salesforce Commerce Cloud. The tag management solution, which comes with pre-defined behavioral triggers, will enable the retailer to track customers’ actions, such as browsing, shopping and checkout behavior. The product makes tracking, understanding and adapting to the changing behavior of the retailer’s customers easier and helps them adjust marketing and campaigns’ strategies based on practical customer data.
“Having implemented Customer BEHAVIOR TRACKER, we have reduced page load time and gained better insight into events related to what products our customers are searching and viewing, from where the product was added to the cart, what products were removed from the cart and many other details about their browsing, shopping and checkout behavior,” says Milbourn.
“OSF Digital’s solutions help retailers overcome any challenge in the rapidly changing online retail environment, and allows them to better understand their customers,” says Sarah Feit, Sr. Director Business Development at OSF Digital. “We are excited to see Marmot really benefit from our solutions, both improving the customer experience and increasing conversion rates.”

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