Custom Solutions
for Multichannel Commerce

Designed with your success in mind

One size doesn’t always fit all. Sometimes it’s best to build for your exacting standards and needs rather than trying to make do with a CRM solution that misses the mark and isn’t suited for multi channel retailing.

A custom Salesforce Cloud solution from OSF Digital delivers a uniquely-tailored method for addressing your specific multichannel ecommerce requirements. By taking a multi-cloud approach and unifying your Sales, Service, Marketing and Commerce clouds, you’ll improve your business efficiency and deliver a remarkable customer experience with help from a robust multi channel ecommerce strategy.

An OSF Custom Solution Gives You

  • Actionable Data

    Centralize customer information for your sales, marketing and service teams.

  • Enhanced Marketing

    Understand your customers’ behavior, then improve your targeted marketing and personalization efforts.

  • Better Interactions

    Deliver customer experiences that drive satisfaction and brand loyalty.

  • Improved Sales Opportunities

    Use insight into your customer behavior to cross-sell, up-sell and create new sales strategies.

  • Enhanced Service Offering

    Take advantage of accurate customer feedback within your CRM to improve your products and services.

  • Optimized Business Growth

    Increase the lifetime value of your customers, generate advocates and attract new customers to your business.

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Browse all our Salesforce Clouds solutions

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